Softball welcomes new coach in meeting


Ayb Graham

Coach Sullenberger stands at the podium ready to begin the pre-season meeting. Sullenberger is the newly appointed coach for the upcoming 2019 spring season.

UPDATE: As reported by The Carlisle Sentinel on Jan 12, Joe Sullenberger has been placed on immediate leave “due to an investigation unrelated to his employment.”  

On Wednesday, Sept 26, a meeting was held to welcome Joe Sullenberger as the new head coach for the CHS softball team.

Sullenberger, who’s been coaching for 22 years, accented values in his players such as passion, community, and a drive to improve. He is also focused on leaving a legacy for future softball players. 

At the meeting, he talked about how he’s deeply invested in the community and in making sure that the softball team works both with their booster club, and with fundraisers within the Carlisle community.

Under him, community service is mandatory.

When asked about the most important part of softball, Sullenberger said, “The most important part of softball is…making sure that everyone that plays on the team leaves being better, and is getting better.”

Although softball is a spring sport, fall/winter workouts started October 1, and Sullenberger made it clear that he expected to see his players there, as long as they didn’t have any other important events.

In his words, going to the workouts is “highly recommended”. Aside from keeping the players’ muscles well-used, it gives him a chance to talk to and get to know his players, and when the game is “80% mental, 15% physical, and 5% luck,” as he said, knowing your players is important.

He also mentioned that he wants to hold one-on-one interviews with each of the girls, so he knows their goals and ambitions.

In regards to her first time meeting  Sullenberger, sophomore Riley Henry said, “What stood out the most was that he showed so much passion and love for the game of softball.”

Sullenberger also made it clear that he does what he says, and his word is very important to him. Although his goals may seem difficult or even impossible, he believes they can be reached. 

“He seems genuinely interested in the junior varsity and youth programs,” said Jody Geiling, the parent representative of the softball booster team.

Between working with equipment, talking to other coaches, and meeting with the booster team, he’s been very busy since being accepted as the coach.

Sullenberger closed the meeting by inviting parents and players to talk with him for any additional questions and comments they may have.