Graduated Humans of CHS: Shana Hammaker

Kirsten Bisconer, Photographer

Shana Hammaker, a former student of CHS, is now a college freshman at Millersville University studying to be a forensic meteorologist with a minor in math. As she approaches the end of her first year, she would like to offer some advice to the seniors and future seniors of CHS.

“When I arrived at college It finally hit me that instead of a new chapter, I am now starting a new book (or sequel) of my life. From June to August is still not enough time to process moving on from a place where you built most of your memories and connections, but it becomes easier as time passes.”

Shana shares her thoughts on her old school friends some of whom are still attending CHS. “I miss my friends and the faculty/ staff I used to see every day, along with the conversations/ moments we shared. I miss and adore my Shakespeare friends more than ever.” Even though she feels sad, she offers the positive aspect of starting that new book in your life.”However, in college, I have made new friends that share my hobbies and interests so we were able to connect! At Millersville, I get to have long breaks (1hr+ breaks!) Between classes instead of being in the same area for 6 hours straight.”

She noted the opportunities she misses at CHS and the new ones she has at college. “Unfortunately, they do not have a Shakespeare program/ club, but they do have kickboxing (which I am participating in). Millersville has a fruitful amount of opportunities for every career they provide, even for new students. The professors and advisors are very passionate, and guide students towards success. You gain more independence and responsibilities at college. It does get a bit stressful at times, but I am content with that. I can choose more courses I find interesting, that relate to my major, unlike the limited course selections at CHS… I feel as though I’m starting high school all over again, but this time I am by myself in a new setting with new people!”

Afterward, Shana goes on to share. “My CHS memories/ bonds will forever be with me because I would not be who I am today without them. However, I am excited education journey!! Also, I will not lie, I miss the spicy chicken patties there a lot lol! Those lunches at CHS were delicious.

When asked for her thoughts on what advice to give to the seniors this year, she noted they should “always learn from the past, try to apply the lessons to the present, and continue to remember/ fix them from now on, for your future. Try not to stress over academic, theater, or athletic mistakes because that will drag you down further. Be proud for trying your best and grow from them. That mindset is what is guiding me now through my freshman year so far. Appreciate what is left of your high school career because you will secretly miss it when you graduate. It is perfectly normal to be anxious or scared after graduation, but I can reassure you that the new journey ahead will be worth it. Congratulations and I wish you all the best of luck! I’m incredibly proud of y’all!”