Packing up: the struggle to say goodbye

The boxes are packed, the furniture's loaded--the annual process of War College families moving in and out of the Carlisle area will soon be upon us.  But how does it feel to be the one staying behind and saying goodbye?

Emma Santillo, Staff Writer

March 11, 2020

As soldiers from the Army War College begin to get their orders, kids of the soldiers, commonly called military brats, are already preparing to deal with losing their friends and having to make new ones, while the kids of civilians prepare to say their goodbyes to their war college friends. Many mi...

That’s ‘Chicago’ for you! (photos)

Billy Flynn, played by senior Timothy Mattaboni, explains to Roxie Hart how she must act in court in order to ensure that she will not be found guilty. Flynn creates a new backstory for each of his clients to ensure the public and judge will not want them to be found guilty.

Abigail Lindsay, Editor in Chief

March 9, 2020

CHS’s musical production of Chicago was all the razzle and dazzle it lead up to be.  The preface for the musical is Roxie Hart (Lauren Klepp) has recently murdered her paramour Fred Casley (Skylar Hammaker) while still married to her husband, Amos Hart (Zander Doland), because Casley is going to l...

The busy blues: Winter expectations can lead to stressed-out students

This time of year, the to-list and calendar can feel overwhelming. It's important that students take the time to organize their activities and take care of themselves when the expectations get high.

Emma Santillo, Staff Writer

January 31, 2020

   After coming back from winter break, many students immediately feel stressed about the work that comes right after the break. With midterms, National History Day, science fair, new units in almost every class, course selection, and work, many students have no time for themselves and can only get...

Tik Tok Takeover: is it safe ‘For You’ ?

Students spend time during lunch scrolling through and watching Tik Toks. Is the popular social media app in danger of being shut down?

Hunter Nace, Staff Writer

December 10, 2019

Tik Tok is a popular app that creates a fun environment with many types of genres of videos. Vlogs, song parodies, and other types of videos people feel like uploading are found on the app. The app can be found in millions of Americans' mobile devices.  According to Business Of Apps, there were 800 million dow...

Putting yourself first: Self care tips for the winter

If you feel like you're too busy for self-care, find ways to build it into your life, like a mini facial while you read for homework.

Zsilas Michael Hughes, Staff Writer

December 2, 2019

Self-care during the winter requires the management of mental, physical, and emotional health. The imperativeness to fuel all three is tremendous, due to the increase in seasonal depression, decrease in most immune system strength, and overall health slump throughout the months of November, December, a...

Beyond the barre: life after high school for CHS dancers

Grace Winton strikes a pose in her dance team uniform at the Catholic University of America. Winton danced with Carlisle Dance before entering college.

Samantha Martin, Editor in Chief

November 26, 2019

From the studios at Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet (CPYB) to the barre at Carlisle Ballet, the Carlisle area has its fair share of dance studios--and with them come student dancers. These students spend hours learning discipline and patience while perfecting their pirouettes, giving up week after week of sp...

No sleep ’til senior year: Junior year challenges students

Juniors, like Lulu Herman (seen here) can find themselves up late into the night, working on homework and studying for tests.  Junior year is often seen as the most crucial year due to it being the most recent year seen by colleges during the application process.

Zsilas Michael Hughes, Staff Writer

October 10, 2019

Junior year, 11th Grade, a rising senior. No matter what you call it these 180 days of focused education, this year is perceived to be one of the most difficult in high school. Junior year is filled with educational responsibilities, extracurricular scheduling, and the impact of emotional changes....

Chaotic crowds: Freshmen class takes over Swartz

Walking from class to class through the Swartz building has been especially challenging so far this school year.  While Swartz is home to both 9th and 10th grade, this year's freshmen class has been much larger than in ones years prior.

Hunter Nace, Staff Writer

September 27, 2019

A new school year can bring students and administrators many new experiences.  One new thing that the whole school is feeling the effect of is this year's freshmen class being the largest class size at CHS.   With around 450 students in the freshman class alone, in addition to the sophomore and...

From living room to classroom: The pros and cons of attending school with siblings

The Lissner Siblings -
Robert Lissner said that his sister, Lanie Lissner, helped him prepare for high school football by introducing her football friends early on.

Skylar Bowers, Student Life Editor

March 28, 2019

There are many siblings that are attending CHS at the same time, including Joey and Jenna Bramble (junior and sophomore), Lanie and Robert Lissner (senior and junior), and Genia and Abby Purdy (senior and freshman). All the siblings have expressed positive feelings with being there for each other ...

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