Air Jordan 1s are back! Ava Grippin, Heidi Heinlein, and Breonna Reiber show off their kicks in the above photo. Sneaker hype has always been a thing but this year the re-selling of Jordans market has skyrocketed.

Stylish Students: Trends of 2021 (Photos)

Heidi Heinlein March 31, 2021

  Clothing and other appearance-changing looks work together to allow individuals to express themselves. The connection between fashion and expression has been apparent since the past, but...

ALL DRESSED UP: CNA students prepare for required clinical hours at Claremont Nursing Home. Several students have gained a new respect for their jobs as they have been working through the pandemic.

Everything essential: Students work medical jobs to further a future career

Hannah Stoner, Staff Writer February 17, 2021

We have always valued and cherished those who work in the community to better it or protect it. When the pandemic hit, our eyes opened even further as to how hard so many individuals work in order to keep...

BRIGHT FUTURE: While 2020 had its challenges, were looking ahead to some exciting things to come this year.

Rise of 2021: What is there to look forward to in the New Year?

Natalie Davis January 22, 2021

  2021 is the year that everyone has been wishing for and now that it is finally here, it is needless to say that there is an immense relief to finally proclaim “Death to 2020”. So much has...

CRAVING NATURE:  Pine Grove Furnace State Park is a perfect place to visit throughout the year. The past year has been a rough one, with a lot of time spent indoors, so it is time to start making up for that and start exploring places around us!

Nature hotspots of Cumberland Valley

Colton Gillingham January 21, 2021

Cumberland Valley is filled with many nature-based destinations that are waiting to be explored. These family-friendly destinations are perfect to create new memories to fill the new-year, though visiting...

LIGHT READING: Mazie, resident dog of the McGeehan family poses all ready to dive into one of Thoreaus classics. Mazie has certainly enjoyed having us here at home. She has taken to laying in the guest bed, right next to where my husband and I work/Zoom every day. She snuggles right in and keeps us company all day long. I don’t think she’ll know what to do when we finally return to work – whenever that may be! Mazie has always been good therapy for us. She’s a sweet dog who loves to be loved, and being able to pet her and love her always brings me a sense of calm and comfort, said McGeehan.

Teachers’ pets: Saving 2020 Zoom School (Photos)

Kathleen O'Neill December 20, 2020

Animals are every person’s best friend. Most people love their pets, and others love to see their pets. Many of our teachers here at CHS have pets of their own. They have helped our teachers through...

BUILDING BLOCKS: Construction student, Lucas Sandoval drills in that this is his path. Student enrollment has significantly increased, according to department head, Dr. Albert Parrillo.

Under construction: trade schools are drastically underrated (Editorial)

Ryleigh Underwood, Staff Writer December 7, 2020

Carpenters, mechanics, electricians, oh my! Trade jobs are always in high demand in our fast-paced society and people often forget how necessary these workers are. High school students are often told that...

SIDE LIGHTS: While Thanksgiving dinner may center around the turkey, its the side dishes that get people talking? What are your favorite Thanksgiving accompaniments?

Festive foods: Highlighting the sides of Thanksgiving

Hannah Stoner, Staff Writer November 27, 2020

Modern Thanksgiving celebrates everything we are thankful for including our homes, our loved ones, and our favorite foods.  One of the most important traditions of Thanksgiving is the huge feast prepared...

A CHANCE TO CHEER: Seniors had the opportunity to attend their first football game of the year, a rescheduled matchup against State College. top (left to right): Cara Sandefur, Bryn Lafferty, Kathleen O’Neill, Noah Patterson
bottom (left to right): Lulu Herman, Lydia Welling, Maya Neiberg, Jonathan Cox. Carlisle lost, 29-38.

Coming together despite the challenges: senior year in the chaos of 2020

Kathleen O'Neill November 4, 2020

The members of the senior class of 2021 have had to endure a lot of change in the past six months of their lives. They lost an entire marking period of their junior year, including both prom and finals...

FLOWER POWER: Senior Audrey Crocker coordinates her sunflower mask with her jacket.  Many students find that picking out colorful, coordinating masks helps make the process of wearing them more bearable. For more mask photos, check out our Gallery.

More than just a mask: Face coverings show off personal style (Photos)

Hannah Stoner, Staff Writer November 3, 2020

During the coronavirus pandemic, masks have become part of the new normal. It is hard to deal with the idea of our way of living changing so fast. To help lighten the mood of our now seemingly dark society,...

BLUESCREEN BLUES: An overworked student observes the amount of work theyve been assigned. Students this year are facing a motivation crisis unlike ever before. Ive never had this much work before. said freshman Jay Barker.

In the dark: Students’ motivation plummets as 2020 charges ahead

Ryleigh Underwood, Staff Writer November 2, 2020

Motivation. A superhero in times of stressful deadlines and a looming monster when you need to get out of bed. Finding the motivation to do anything is difficult, but for students, it’s nearly impossible....

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