CRAFTY: These three YouTubers are some of the most popular Minecraft video producers. 2021 has been a big year for them.

The pandemic advantage: YouTubers make the most of at-home possibilities

Renae Greak March 18, 2021

2020 is finally far behind us and has been left in the past. Though there was a lot of bad this that happened, some good was able to come out of it. 2020 was a big year for content creators on YouTube....

IF YOU BUILD IT, THEY WILL PLAY: Minecraft, a popular video game on a variety of platforms, has been entertaining gamers of all ages since 2009.  But what makes this game so popular?

Mad for Minecraft: Why do people “dig” this classic game?

Renae Greak January 28, 2021

Since 2009, people of all ages have been playing Minecraft. Most people, whether they have played the game or not, have probably heard about Minecraft. The game is all over the internet, on merchandise...

THERES BEEN A MURDER: A crewmate is stabbed to death by the imposter while no other players are around. The goal of the imposter is to kill the other crewmates without being discovered.

Among Us: Murder mystery game goes viral among teens

Jay Barker November 3, 2020
“I like the simplicity. It’s pretty easy to learn and based off of concepts people are already familiar with. It’s calming and fun, even if it involves murder.”
As new games are being released, the trend that is emerging is that ideas once used a coming back.  The deathmatch style games are becoming one of the more reoccurring game styles.

Genre repeat: Battle royale gaming has ties to deathmatch style

Zack Mattaboni , Staff Writer March 21, 2019

It is often expected that the video game industry tends to move forward. However, with recent successes such as Fortnite and Apex Legends, we can see an obvious difference: the industry has begun reusing...

Fallout 76 was released on November 14. So far fans prefer Fallout 4 as the new game has not gotten many good reviews.

Fallout 76: Truly terrible or unfinished masterpiece? (Review)

Zack Mattaboni , Staff Writer December 18, 2018

Fallout 76 is a recently released game that has been viewed poorly by critics and gamer's alike. The game definitely has many negative points, but is it truly deserving of these poor ratings? Game play...

Overwatch League fans observe as the teams Philly Fusion and London Spitfire compete in the championships. There were many teams fighting throughout the eight month season, but only two made it this far.

Overwatch League posing a threat to modern sports

Cameron Fritz, Publications Manager September 24, 2018

[analytics-counter] In the age of competitive video games, the definition of sport is being challenged. In a professional gaming world where players participate in tournaments, one game sought to change...

Spent allows teenagers and adults to be able to experience how to survive being poor and homeless.

‘Spent’: Game teaches teenagers and adults about financial survival in the real world

Daija Berry, Staff Writer December 9, 2016

"It's just stuff.  Until you don't have it." This is the motto for a web game that is not just a fun question and answer situation but a lesson in surviving in the real world. “Spent” is an...

Can Battlefield: Hardline break out of its prequels shadow? (Review)

Can ‘Battlefield: Hardline’ break out of its prequel’s shadow? (Review)

Joey Kucker, A&E editor March 27, 2015

Can a new developer breath life into an aging franchise?  In the case of “Battlefield: Hardine,” the case is a mixture of yes and no. “Battlefield: Hardline,” the new game from EA, tries hard...

The New Nintendo 3DS adds many improvements to the line of handhelds.

Is ‘New’ actually better? (Review)

Joey Kucker, A&E editor February 27, 2015

Can you judge something based on name alone?  In the case of the “New Nintendo 3DS,”  that answer may isn’t so easy to tell. The “New Nintendo 3DS” (yes, the new 3DS is actually called “New”)...

Can you survive the Dying Light? (Review)

Can you survive the ‘Dying Light’? (Review)

Joey Kucker, A&E editor February 8, 2015

Are things scarier in the dark? The new zombie-survival game “Dying Light” sure seems to think so. Developed by Techland (the creators of the hit game series “Dead Island”), “Dying Light”...

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