TO BAN OR NOT TO BAN: One of the six books to be discontinued, If I Ran the Zoo, is flying off the shelves in reaction.

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish… Racist? (Editorial)

Ryleigh Underwood, Staff Writer April 4, 2021

If you’re not a big reader, then you might have missed the news: Dr. Seuss has been canceled. Well, not really. In truth, there’s actually a lot more happening behind the scenes than just some...

CELEBRATE THROUGH CHANGE: While acknowledgements like International Womens Day and Womens History Day exist, more needs to be done to address violence against women.

Women’s History Month: shining a light on violence against women (Editorial)

Kathleen O'Neill April 4, 2021

Women’s History Month was highlighted in the media this year but felt like something that was a newer topic of discussion. But that is currently changing, possibly because this past month, this celebration...

ON THE DOTTED LINE: Using journals like this dotted one can help you stay organized while also being creative and colorful.

This or That: Which organization strategy works best for you? (Editorial)

Heidi Heinlein March 11, 2021

Trying to find an organizational style that works best for you can seem like a challenge and time commitment that you aren’t up for. There are so many options and it would take forever to try them all....

A YEAR OF KNOWLEDGE:  As we approach a full year of pandemic restrictions, how can we recognize our growth as individuals and a society? Beyond our mask making skills, that is.

More than just sewing skills: what we’ve learned during the pandemic (Editorial)

Colton Gillingham March 9, 2021

It’s been a year since the world went on lockdown, so what have we learned? There is no doubt that the past year has included many major and life-altering events that will leave us with some interesting...

WRITING FRENZY: The Silver Key Award is hard to come by, serving as motivation for hardworking students to aim for new heights.

Once upon a time: how the Scholastic competition inspires young writers (Editorial)

Ryleigh Underwood, Staff Writer February 18, 2021

The Scholastic Writing Competition is a well-known competition in the Carlisle Area School District. Maybe your English teacher made you and your classmates participate that one time in middle school,...

MASKED UP MEETING: Model United Nations meets during Bison Block to discuss their upcoming conference. They are excited for the challenge said Jonathan Cox, pictured.

Bison Block: Could we use it to bring back clubs? (Editorial)

Kathleen O'Neill February 17, 2021

In a time where we are struggling to get students back into the classroom, many of the commodities that made school enjoyable have had to be left behind. In this effort to return to normal, many of the...

WASTE OF FASHION: Textile waste created from clothing in the landfill contributes to climate change.  While many appreciate the lower costs of these apparel items, to what end are we paying for them with our safety and health?

Fast fashion: the alternative costs (Editorial)

Heidi Heinlein February 14, 2021

Style is a constantly changing part of life and can rack up some serious financial burdens. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ 2016 Consumer Expenditure Survey, the average household spends...

Thundering Herd Hero

Colton Gillingham February 11, 2021

Grace Snyder is an EMT with Cumberland Goodwill and belongs to multiple fire companies within Carlisle and the surrounding area. In the early morning of January 7, a car fire on Willow Street was dispatched...

LISTEN CLOSELY: The halls may appear empty, but as students adjust to returning in the new year they reflect on what they have learned in 2020.  Many students shared their stories about how they powered through a tough year to focus on their personalities.

Herd in the Halls: What did you learn about yourself in 2020?

Hannah Stoner, Staff Writer January 22, 2021

Click on the Gallery button below to check out some of our favorite responses!

COLLEGE CATASTROPHE: The adapted college admissions process offers new challenges due to Covid restrictions. Students are struggling with new aspects that are being viewed as benefits overall.

To go or not to go: Covid adds new challenges to the college admission process (Editorial)

Heidi Heinlein January 21, 2021

One of the biggest concerns of graduating high school students is figuring out their future plans, the most frequent being college. The admission process for schools all over the nation tends to be very...

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