Seniors have mixed feelings about this year’s skip day


Nikki Marshall

Some seniors said goodbye to CHS on Wed Feb 11 and didn't return until Tues Feb 17, observing Senior Skip Day on Mon Feb 16.

Senior skip day is known to be a specific day that all seniors choose to skip a day of school. Some people think it’s pointless, while others take advantage of it to the fullest.

Senior skip day used to be the day their graduation year was. For example, this year would have been February 15(02/15). But because of in-service days and the weekend interrupting the tradition, it’s chosen to the closest day. This year it was on Monday February 16.

There are plenty of perspectives on senior skip day. Some found it enjoyable to skip.

Senior Chelsea Seibert said, “I stayed home and ate breakfast with my boyfriend. I think senior skip day is a good day because you know everyone else is at school and I got to do something fun.”

The two hour delay, however, made some seniors more convinced to go to school.

Senior Elizabeth Glenn said, “We had a two hour delay that day. Why wouldn’t I come if I had two hours less of school hours? I love two hour delay days!  Maybe if senior skip day was a full day I would have participated.”

The two hour delay brought a bonus to coming on Monday while others were skipping, but also some others got a bonus for being in class.

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Senior Dayshia Esceber admitted, “I got extra credit in one of my classes just for coming to school. Plus we had a two hour delay so it was a good day to come to school even though I didn’t get to skip like some seniors got to.”

Some were going to come either way. Knowing it was senior skip day didn’t convince every senior not to come; in fact some found it to be a waste of a day.

Senior Roy Mohr said, “I went to school on senior skip day; I think [senior skip day is] pointless. Why would you all choose a day to skip? You still need to make up your work the next day that you missed. If we were all excused from our work that we missed, then maybe I’d consider it a good idea.”

Senior skip day affects everyone in different ways. It’s everyone’s individual decision on if they want to come or not.