‘A Madea Homecoming’: A Bite-Sized Review

Sadie Daniel

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Official movie still

Actor Tyler Perry plays Madea who is very frustrated at all the secrets that have been uncovered .

Want a movie that will make you die laughing? A Madea Homecoming does exactly that.

Released on February 25, 2022 on Netflix, the film features star actor and director, Tyler Perry.  A Madea Homecoming is about a family who came together for Madea’s grandson’s graduation and everything goes wrong.

This specific movie isn’t like all the rest of Perry’s movies because the whole extended family was included in this movie for the graduation and it’s way funnier.

This movie keeps you on your feet with lighthearted jokes until the drama storms in. Watching this movie had me dying of laughter; it was very enjoyable to watch and unpredictable.