Herd in the Halls: boys vs girls sports


Lillianne Hogsten

CHS students take on different topics affecting the school.

How are girls and boys sports treated differently?

Hunter Nace

“What I have noticed is that when there is both a boys and girls team of the same sport, the girls team can get overlooked and it is not as recognized as the boys team. I have also noticed that it depends on the sport since often certain sports get looked at for certain genders.”

– Megan Swahlon, Freshman

Hunter Nace

“The boys seem to get more equipment and gear along with money. The girls have to make their own money through fundraising while the boys get it all handed to them. The boys always get priority when it comes to gym and fitness center time. We even had to call out the Carlisle Crazies page because they were posting about boys basketball season starting and didn’t include anything about girls season. “

– Kiley Barnhart, Sophomore

Hunter Nace

“I think the boys get hyped up more. Everybody thinks that [boys] are better than girls because they see them as more athletic or something. The girls don’t have as much support from students and fans which leads to not as much money for new equipment and other things they may need.”

– Marty (MJ) Brown, Junior

Heidi Heinlein

“There isn’t much of a difference in boys and girls sports as a whole but particular sports are treated differently. For example, basketball. Clearly, the girls get the short end of the stick because they are overshadowed by the boys, but this just has to do with the amount of entertainment. Most people want to see the intensity of the boys games rather than the girls. Not that girls games can’t be fun to watch, but generally most people prefer the boys. Other than this, there isn’t much of a difference in how boys and girls sports are treated.”

– Kieran Smithmyer, Senior

Hunter Nace

“At the high school level we are obligated to treat everyone the same, but some programs get more money based on attendance. Boys basketball and boys football are our big money makers. I think the money they make even helps some of the other sports. I wish certain sports like cheerleading and band would be treated like a sport because it is more work and rigor than some things that are considered a sport like bowling. I think at the high school level there is some favoritism for the big boys sports. Though some more competitive girls sports that have more success than the boys get some attention as well.  “

– John McGuire, English Teacher