Herd in the Halls: standardized testing


Lillianne Hogsten

CHS students take on different topics affecting the school.

“What is your opinion on standardized testing?”

Kaycee Johnson

“Standardized testing is helpful and can give the school an idea of how we are doing in our classes, but some students find it difficult.”

– Amiya Johnson, Freshman

Kaycee Johnson

“It is really not that bad, but I would prefer not to take them. They can get boring.”

– Todd Reed Jr., Sophomore

Kaycee Johnson

“I understand why we have them, but at the same time, it is not really fun because people stress out about it. As long as you are learning something, that is all that matters, not how they grade you.”

– Faith Sale, Junior

Kaycee Johnson

“I feel like we should not be required to take standardized tests. I feel like it should be your option to take the test if you want to. They can help further your education though.”

– Josh Dellinger, Senior

Kaycee Johnson

“I think standardized testing does have a place in education, and I think there is a purpose for it in education. I do not necessarily feel as if it should be the end-all when we are looking at the academic profile of a student.”

– Michael Black, Carlisle High School Principal