Herd in the Halls: the transition from paper to digital


Lillianne Hogsten

CHS students take on different topics affecting the school.

“How do you feel about Carlisle High School transitioning from paper to digital assignments?”

“I think it’s a good thing we are saving paper, but sometimes the technology doesn’t really cooperate.”       

 -Lola Gehman, Freshman

“I think it’s good, we’re helping our environment. Global warming is no joke its actually really happening.”     

     – Olivia Renault, Sophomore

“Sometimes I like it because it’s a little more convenient, but other times I’d just rather write things instead of worrying about my internet crashing or my laptop dying.”

– Madi Christman, Junior

“I like writing, but Schoology is nice. You don’t have to carry books around…[For taking notes] I would rather use paper, but for assignments I find it easier online.”

– Genia Purdy, Senior

“I think it is good to go to digital; it’s more convenient for the students, but it is frustrating when the network is down.” 

– Lorienne Kelly, English Language Development Instructor