Carlisle offers new clubs for a new school year


Emily Crider

This is the one of the few sign up sheets used to electronically select your clubs.

As the 2015-2016 year picks up speed, students are faced with a mountain of responsibilities. Grades, homework, extracurriculars, jobs, etc. quickly pile up.

However, one relatively stress-free choice made by every student, one made recently, is which club to join.

“Students sign-up for clubs online,” explained Freshman principal David Frey, who is in charge of assigning clubs. “Most students receive their first or second choice.”

Frey believes clubs allow CHS students to “connect socially, build relationships, be involved in high interest activities, have some fun” and contain other benefits as well.

Should CHS students have a club period?


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Sarah Clayville, McGowan English teacher and advisor to new club Coloring to Calm, views clubs as a positive experience for both students and teachers alike.

Specifically, she believes that clubs “offer subjects and opportunities that due to funding and staffing couldn’t be offered.”

Additionally, clubs allow “faculty the chance to share our personal interests with students,” said Clayville.

Staff members aren’t the only fans of the CHS club offerings.

Senior Derrick Coleman, who applied to join the Lego Club, believes clubs are an excellent opportunity “to relax during the school day.”

Additionally, sophomore Tiffany Roll, hoping to be a part of Girl Power, views clubs as beneficial because they “give students something to look forward to.”

She added, “It takes away from some teaching time,” but “clubs are a good thing to put your time into.”

Students will be meeting in clubs for the first time October 14.