Look and feel your best 365 days a year


Bri Hendriksen

Look and feel your best by eating a balanced diet, exercising and keeping a positive outlook on life.

Bri Hendriksen, Fashion editor

Sometimes we inevitably wake up in the morning in a funk where we just don’t feel like ourselves.

This can be the result of many events that are beyond our control such as a bad hair day, personal issues such as school, home and friends, or simply just waking up on the wrong side of the bed.

Although a lot of these situations can not be predicted or planned, there are healthy steps you can take in order to turn your day from negative to positive and help yourself not only feel better but look better in the long run.

In order to accomplish this and feel good both inside and out, you have to treat your body with care and fill your life with positivity, a healthy diet and exercise. Everyone should feel good about themselves and wake up every morning feeling refreshed, happy and ready to start their day.

One step you can take in order to move towards a healthier life style is by eating a well balanced diet. Foods that contain a lot of water and fiber, fresh fruits and vegetables, and foods high in antioxidants help build up the body and maintain energy levels.

You can also reduce your calorie intake by consuming foods that still fill you up but don’t leave you feeling like you ate too much such as avocado, popcorn, sweet potatoes, salmon, beans and salads.

According to Chatelaine.com, a website aimed towards living a healthy and relaxed lifestyle, “Eating foods with lots of fiber or water in them, like soup, vegetables and fruit, helps you stay satisfied longer, drop pounds more easily and maintain a healthy weight.”   Chatelaine.com is full of recipes, home decoration ideas, style, travel and health that can help you feel better.

Eating fresh fruits such as strawberries and blueberries are a healthy alternative to eating chips, cookies and other tasty junk foods berries can help improve memory and brainpower.

The website  mentioned that “women with the highest berry intake slowed cognitive aging by up to 2.5 years.”

Another way that you can look and feel your best is by exercising at least 30 minutes a day. Exercising enhances your cell functions and can leave you feeling refreshed in a positive way.

The more you work out the more your body adjusts to the activity and you will see a bigger difference. Dancing, running, walking or even yoga can help stretch your body and help you feel relaxed and healthier.

You can also lighten your load by planning out your schedule and breaking up your school work so that you are not overwhelmed and stressing yourself out.

If you become overworked and overwhelmed, take a step back from what you are doing, take a breath and count to ten. Remind yourself that whatever you are going through at the moment will not last forever. You can overcome whatever you set your mind to, no matter how big or small it may be.

Health.com gave their list of “Five Ways to Feel Great Fast” which included laughing, keeping a good posture, cutting back calories, staying away from foods that can make your allergies act up and apply a little bit of mascara in order to look more awake.

“Laughing affects us in ways similar to exercise,” said Lee Berk, DrPH,  a director at a research lab in the School of Allied Health Professionals at Loma Linda University.

Keeping an upbeat attitude, always looking at the bright side of a situation no matter what you are thrown into and laughing and smiling whenever you get the chance, can help increase your overall attitude and your mood.

Living a healthy lifestyle and being a part of activities that you enjoy can help benefit you in nothing but positive ways. Looking your best is important, but feeling your best is something that can impact your entire life. Your health is such an important aspect of your life and if you are healthy and feeling good, just about nothing can bring you down.