Boas and Banners: Madison Square Garden rewards Harry Styles for his 15 consecutive performances


Jenna Coller

DAYLIGHT STADIUM: Harry Styles performs “Daylight” off his 3rd album under an array of red and yellow lights at his September 10 show at MSG. Throughout the night, the lights under the big-screens moved and changed color with the music.

Jenna Coller, Editor-in-Chief

English singer-songwriter Harry Styles completed his 15th show at Madison Square Garden in New York City on September 21. Styles is one of the biggest pop sensations of the decade thus far, earning his 15 performances at the largest arena on the East coast. 

After participating in some of Hollywood’s newest blockbuster films, Styles hopped back on stage on Saturday August 20 to kick off his stay at The Garden. This ‘mini-tour’ was a part of his larger North American tour “Harry Styles Love On Tour”, which started in September of 2021. Styles’ performances become an even more incredible feat when all of his traveling during the tour is considered. Not only has this tour been the biggest of his solo career, but he has also managed to travel to Italy for the premiere of Olivia Wilde’s newest movie, “Don’t Worry Darling” in which Styles holds a primary role. The Toronto International Film Festival also overlapped with his performances, meaning he also went to Canada to celebrate the release of his other film “My Policeman” directed by Michael Grandage. Needless to say, Styles’ hard work paid off, asserting his status as one of the most successful artists of today. 

Harry’s House is his 3rd studio album as a solo artist after his departure from his boy band sensation One Direction in 2016. At all 15 shows, Styles performed nearly every song off the album, among other singles and fan favorite previous releases. One of the major highlights from the collection of nights, are the few where he sang his unreleased song “Medicine” after nearly every crowd chanted for it. 

When fans arrived at the last show, they saw every chair in the arena adorned with different colored boas and a note thanking them for supporting his tour at MSG. Boas became a staple for his loving fan base–the “Harries”– after he wore a lime green boa to accompany his all black leather suit at the 2021 Grammy Awards.

On the final night of Styles’ run at MSG, he was awarded a banner hanging in the arena with his name and the phrase “15 consecutive nights at The Garden.” After singing his debut single “Sign of the Times,” he was pleasantly interrupted by CBS TV personality Gayle King exclaiming, “Harry we don’t want to say goodnight to you!” This statement is a callback to the opening line of Styles hit single “As it Was,” which says “C’mon Harry, we wanna say goodnight to you.”

Styles, teary-eyed, accepted the honor with immense gratitude. To celebrate the special night in New York, he performed “Ever Since New York” off his self-titled debut album, which pleasantly surprised his fans, considering the track is not a single and has not been performed since his first tour in 2018, “Harry Styles Live on Tour.”

Madison Square Garden has only ever gifted these banners to two other artists. Billy Joel has received many throughout the years for his accomplishments, performing over 100 shows at The Garden and becoming the longest running single act to perform there. Phish also holds a banner at the arena for their 13 consecutive nights there in 2017. 

Upon receiving the banner, Styles stopped to admire it before addressing the stadium, “Any time when you come to Madison Square Garden and you see that, you remember it’s because of you. That is ours.” He wiped away his tears with a tissue that a fan handed to him.

Madison Square Garden has hosted some of the biggest musical icons throughout recent history, but few have managed to evoke a sense of community in The Garden, like Styles has. As a result, Madison Square Garden became “Harry’s House”