Film Festival returns to CHS


Clara Cozort

Will the next major blockbuster be created as part of this year’s Film Festival?

Bryanna Youtzy, News writer

Get your popcorn ready!  This April, Carlisle High School is planning to hold its second annual Film Festival.

The Film Festival is an event where all students can enter videos that are five to ten minutes in length.   They can be music videos, commericals, parodies, or any other short films that groups could create.

The Film Festival is sponsored by CHS’s Sophomore Class Council.

“We started the Film Festival last year as an opportunity for CHS students to have another creative outlet,” said English teacher and Sophomore Class Council adviser Dana Smetana. “We [here at CHS] have many truly creative and talented students who have things to say and share.”

“I heard a lot of positive feedback about the Film Festival last year,” said Miranda Ilaria, a member of Sophomore Class Council.

Each group can have any amount of members necessary, or submissions can be submitted individually.  Along with every video, there is a five dollar submission fee.  Videos are due to Smetana or co-adviser Shellee Mumma by Tuesday, April 15.

“I didn’t participate in the Film Festival last year, but it seems like a fun event that I might try this year,” said junior Autumn Rowe.

The Film Festival allows for another form of expression by CHS student while raising money for Sophomore Class Council.