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The student news site of Carlisle High School


The student news site of Carlisle High School


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Life Through a Screen: How social media is detrimental to teenage mental health (Editorial)

Lyric Koch, Perspectives editor November 10, 2022

Being a teenager 20 years ago was like driving on a flat plain, but now it is like riding a roller coaster with thousands of ups and downs. Before Instagram and Snapchat, high school students did not have...

HOMETOWN HEROES: First responders within Carlisle, such as firefighters at Carlisle Fire and Rescue Services, are devoted to making a difference within the Carlisle community and the surrounding area. These hometown heroes sacrifice a lot, including their mental health, and should be recognized for that.

Health of our heroes: the mental toll on first responders (Editorial)

Colton Gillingham December 18, 2020

Within every community lies a special group of people devoting their lives to helping others. These first responders are recognized as community heroes due to their selfless actions. However, first responders...

Calmharm, Youper, and Headspace are three apps that can help to improve your day to day life and mental health awareness.

Heading off stress: Anxiety and relaxation apps (Review)

Summer Hollingsworth, Staff Writer April 17, 2019

In this day and age, technology, especially phones, in particular, can often get a bad rap. They’re perceived as being distractive objects, only used for social media. However, our devices can have many...

Mental illness can hit a person anywhere. Whats worse though is when people assume that it will pass. Dont let the stigmas hurt the people you love. This is an actor portrayal.

Misconceptions of Mental Illnesses (Editorial)

Reese Daugherty, Perspectives Writer February 20, 2018

According to statistics from the National Alliance on Mental Illness, in the U.S., approximately 1 in 5 adults experience mental illness in a given year, and 1 in 5 youth aged 13-18 experience a severe...

Myth vs Fact: Mental Illness (Editorial)

Myth vs Fact: Mental Illness (Editorial)

Maya Daye, Perspectives writer March 23, 2017

Mental illness is a topic that is very controversial. Some people think people fake mental illnesses for attention, while others think that it is very serious and should not be taken lightly no matter...

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