“The Revenant” climbs to the top as one of best films of 2016 (Review)


Courtesy of official movie website

Leonardo DiCaprio gives his best performance of the year in “The Revenant”

Survival. It’s the one word that immediately kicks into our brain when we are at risk of being threatened, harmed, or in some sort of danger. The Revenant, a film inspired by true accounts carries this statement to the letter, starring Oscar nominee and Golden Globe winner Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy and directed by Alejandro G. Jñárritu.

Taking place in 1832, The Revenant tells the story and struggle of Hugh Glass, a wilderness guide who is leading a party of trappers along with his half Native-American son through the recently purchased territory of Louisiana when he is attacked and seriously injured by a bear.

When one of the soldiers, John Fitzgerald (played by Tom Hardy) ends up killing Glass’s son and leaving Glass behind for dead.

Heavily injured, Glass must now trek across the heavily hazardous wilderness while also avoiding the deadly and lethal Native American tribe, the Arikara, to survive and seek revenge on the man that killed his son.

DiCaprio once again gives us another wonderful performance as Glass, a man who has now lost everything with the murder of his son but is fueled by the need to survive and take vengeance on Fitzgerald. DiCaprio does a wonderful job of portraying both the sheer pain and anguish that Glas goes through both physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Director Jñárritu gives a wonderful and visual spectacle as we are treated to incredible shots of action. Alejandro does a great job of depicting both brutality and emotionality of every single scene we see.

The Revenant is a film that showcases the powerful themes of survival, vengeance, perseverance, compassion, and forgiveness,  seting itself up as what is probably the best film of 2016 so far.