Dear White People: Shut up and watch the show (editorial)

Chaela Williams, A&E writer/editor

The Netflix original, Dear White People gives us chilling, realistic truths about living in a “post-racial” society as a black person.

Dear White People centers around fictional protagonist, Samantha White, a biracial black activist college student, who attends the prestigious, predominately white Winchester University. Her radio show, Dear White People, bravely points out racial occurrences that happen on campus, which faces defensive opinions from white people.

To go against the radio show, a white male sorority throws a blackface party that leads to a major conflict between the white and black students at Winchester.

The series focuses on the main black students who attend Winchester: White, Troy Fairbanks- son of the school’s dean, Colandera “Coco” Connors- tries to achieve greatness while avoiding her blackness, Lionel Higgins- a shy, awkward gay male who’s a reporter for the campus newspaper, Reggie Green- the aggressively pro-black activist who has deep feelings for Samantha, and including Gabe Mitchell, who is Samantha’s secret white lover.

Of course due to its controversial title, the series gained a negative reaction from white people.

Many had the audacity to call the brilliant show “racist” and suggested there should be a show called “Dear Black People.”

“Netflix are filthy Racists. Subscription cancelled,” YouTube user Rich Peacock commented.

“A show talking s**t about white people. How original Hollywood…” YouTube user Erik Mac commented.

“Dear White People is the most racist ignorant tv show I’ve probably ever seen. If America is that racist the one complaining should leave lol.” @AustinnTx12 tweeted.

White people’s reaction is exactly why this tv show was created in the first place. Many white people are afraid to listen to the truth about racism in the country especially if it’s coming from a person of color. They avoid the serious conversation and claim that minorities are “complaining,” that none of these issues actually exist but in reality it does.

Dear White People is a brutal awakening to those who think that Obama could’ve possibly ended racism or that racism ceases to exist.

The series focuses on racial tensions at a overwhelmingly white Ivy League School. It depicts the lives black students during the time of Black Lives Matter, police brutality, and the aftermath of the election of Donald Trump.

So no white people, Dear White People isn’t about going against Caucasians; it’s a outcry to take race and discrimination seriously and to listen to our experiences on being Black in America in the 21st century.

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