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The student news site of Carlisle High School


The student news site of Carlisle High School


BOY MEETS BOY: A compare-and-contrast moment between the Heartstopper web-comic cover and Netflix adaptations actors, Kit Connor (left) and Joe Locke (right).

‘Heartstopper’: Colorfully authentic (Review)

Ryleigh Underwood, Editor-in-Chief April 28, 2022

Even before its debut on April 22, Netflix’s Heartstopper dominated Twitter’s trending tab and skyrocketed to the top once released. Pulling over 929,000 engagements with only eight episodes, audiences...

STOPPING SPINOFFS: The original shows Full House, Saved by the Bell, Boy Meets World, and Gossip Girl, goes head to head with their successors. Whether or not one show is better than another has been an ongoing debate. Senior, Dominic Gearhart said Reboots and remakes are made for three reasons: monetary interest, expanding viewership, and ensuring presence in the mainstream.

Praising the past: How remakes refresh the classics (Editorial)

Jenna Coller, Editor-in-Chief January 27, 2022

Most people enjoy a nice and relaxing family TV night. Let's imagine on this particular night you turn on the TV and click through the channels before seeing the title Girl Meets World flash across the...

BRACE FOR THE BOOM:  Andrew Garfield brings playwright Jonathan Larson to life in the Netflix original film, Tick, Tick...BOOM! Larson is most famously known for his musical, Rent.

‘Tick, Tick’……tick, tick……boom? (Review)

Rylie Workman, Staff Writer December 21, 2021

It’s 1990’s New York, a composer is trying his hardest to write songs for a musical. He’s hit a block and can’t think of any ideas, the pressure is on.  Recently, Netflix released a musical...

A Monster comes walking to help a boy speak his truth. Letting go is not the same as giving up. Actor Felicity Jones in A Monster Calls (2016)

‘A Monster Calls’: Letting go doesn’t mean giving up (Review)

Natalie Davis March 8, 2021

  How does a story start? How does it end? Most would say that any story starts with a hero and ends with a happy ending, but in the real world it’s not all that simple. Most of the time...

REAL LIFE BATTLES The Netflix original series Grand Army High School explores controversial topics that affect everyday teens.  But does the graphic nature desensitize viewers to the real situations?

‘Grand Army High School’: Normalizing trauma or raising awareness? (Review)

Natalie Davis November 30, 2020

It took Netflix’s original new series, Grand Army High School, less than ten seconds to get viewers hooked just by their opening theme, with its intriguing phrases like "I’m marching into battle"...

A promotional photo from the movie Tall Girl. The film, with its strong ensemble cast and positive messages of self-acceptance, is both enjoyable and touching.

Standing tall and proud: ‘Tall Girl’ has important messages for all (Review)

Nadia Startzman, Staff writer October 15, 2019

As much as you might want to stand out from the crowd, sometimes it is hard to avoid being seen.  The new movie Tall Girl, which can be found on Netflix, is a romantic comedy with important life lessons....

The new Netflix horror film, Velvet Buzzsaw, stars Jake Gyllenhaal and Rene Russo. The film released on Jan 31, 2019.

Revenge, death and mystery: Why you should watch ‘Velvet Buzzsaw’ (Review)

Summer Hollingsworth, Staff Writer February 19, 2019

WARNING: Spoilers Ahead  Morbid in the most captivating way, Velvet Buzzsaw is the movie you didn’t know you needed. Starring Jake Gyllenhaal, this Netflix-produced movie is a drama and mystery...

The Last Laugh follows a retired comedian who refuses to truly retire from comedy.  The movie is a Netflix original movie that began streaming on January 11.

‘The Last Laugh’: A story of comedy and pain (Review)

Summer Hollingsworth, Staff Writer February 5, 2019

WARNING: Spoilers Ahead A mix of older generational humor and exciting new beginnings, the film The Last Laugh is a comedy that premiered on Netflix on Jan 11, 2019. Centered around a retired comedian...

The wooden door, with the dark colored walls adds to the horror factor of the show.  The Haunting of Hill House began streaming on Netflix Oct 6.

The Haunting of Hill House: escaping the spirits (Review)

Kaitlyn Peck, Staff Writer November 13, 2018

  WARNING: spoilers ahead  The Netflix original film The Haunting of Hill House is a thrilling and haunting show that producers have made come to life on the TV screen.  The show is based on the...

Mai and Project 7723 may be complete opposites, but they have been able to create a strong friendship.  Next Gen is a futuristic, adventurous  animated movie

‘Next Gen’: futuristic friends and problems (Review)

Michael Raphael, Staff writer October 4, 2018

WARNING: Spoilers Ahead Next Gen is a futuristic and adventurous Netflix original film.  This unique film began streaming on Sept 7. Next Gen takes place in a technologically advanced city called...

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