The Haunting of Hill House: escaping the spirits (Review)


Mia Byus

The wooden door, with the dark colored walls adds to the horror factor of the show. The Haunting of Hill House began streaming on Netflix Oct 6.


WARNING: spoilers ahead 

The Netflix original film The Haunting of Hill House is a thrilling and haunting show that producers have made come to life on the TV screen.  The show is based on the novel originally written by Shirley Jackson in 1959.  

The TV show depicts a family who has purchased a beautiful old house out in the country called, The Old Hill House.  As they spend their summer working to renovate this old house, slowly the children start noticing uncanny events occurring around the house.

The parents start feeling strange as their eyes begin to trick them, or so they think. They are determined to ignore these unexplained occurrences and shut down the questions that the children have.

That is, until one night, the spirits make contact with the mother. The spirits take over her body and mind. The father has to keep her from getting to the children.  It’s a tragic scene; as the father tries to save the children, he is left having to kill their mother.  

After the incident, the father leaves it all behind and takes the children to move into a new home, somewhere safe.  

The perfect way to end the nightmares of the past is to relocate, or so they thought. The older the children get, their memories and fears come back to haunt them.

The Haunting of Hill House is a show that will keep you on the edge of your seat, through every episode.  It displayed heartwarming, but also heart wrenching situations. The way the family deals with a crazed loss of a mother is questionable, but admirable that the father was able to up and continue the life of his children.

It is a must see TV-show, due to its ability to mix up drama and mystery genre, along with adding horror.  This is a show you definitely a show you want to check out, even if you are not a horror fan, the plot of the show will leave you wanting to keep watching.