Determining the ‘course’ of your high school career

Students share their thoughts on the course selection process


Kaitlyn Hankard

It’s the time of year again where students begin making course selections.

It’s that time of year again for students to pick the classes the want for next year.

There are many decisions to be made with figuring out the right classes for the career choice the student wants. Sometimes it is hard for students because they can not fit all the classes they want into their schedule.

“I would have liked to take Page to Stage this year but it couldn’t fit into my schedule,” said Olivia Leilani, grade 10.

Or even some are forced to take a class because they don’t have enough credits, or because of the elective they already chose.

“I regret not taking science, but I couldn’t take it this year because in culinary, you can only take either a science or history at a time, and I took science last year. So I am looking forward to next year, because then I can take both science and history,” said Abygale Harlan, grade 11.

Students sometimes even have a hard time choosing which class they want, like Ben Adelberg, grade 10, said, “I don’t know if I want to take Spanish four next year or not.”

It’s a long, slow process that every student must go through, but the most important piece of it is to make sure course selections are taken very seriously and are well thought out while filling the paper out with parents.

While figuring out your course selection, consider joining a publication staff, Oracle or Periscope!  See Mrs. Muir in M34 or talk to a current staff member for more information.