The future puts too much stress on teens (Editorial)


SarahBeth Davis

This guide may offer a plan for getting into college but does it offer help in dealing with the pressures of the future?

SarahBeth Davis, Perspectives writer

The third marking period is coming to a close for CHS.

Students are already starting to scramble to get in the assignments and tests they’ve missed or failed this last marking period. Some students are trying to get straight A’s, while others are simply trying to not fail their classes. Especially as  marking periods come to an end, there comes a point where grades weigh too heavily on students.

Grades and academic performance mean the most in the grand scope of the future for a teenager.  In fairness, colleges are getting more expensive and it’s getting harder to meet their requirements.

According to the National Center for Academic Statistics, prices for tuition, room, and board at a public institution rose 42 percent between 2000 and 2010.

Due to the higher cost, scoring the acceptance letter or scholarship is even more pressing. The job market is unreliable at best, so getting into college to make a living is already a burden on the minds of many students.

Despite the legitimate importance of getting good grades to get into a good college, students start to become their GPA or their test score above actual people. The pressure for better grade is put on heavily by teachers, parents and other students alike, making it a constant underlying worry.

Anxiety, depression, and antisocial behavior in teens has increased twofold in the last thirty years, according to

This is likely a correlation to the increased standards for academic performance in high schoolers.

There is no quick or easy solution to the issues relating to college, or the general unease and anxiety over the future felt by many.

Honestly, all we as students can do is find personal ways to alleviate stress, and find solutions to our own problems and anxiety. The stress put on isn’t fair, but we have to fix it ourselves.