‘The Maze Runner’ movie doesn’t aMAZE everyone (Review)

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April 10, 2015
The Maze Runner movie is an action packed , suspense creating movie that left some fans wanting more and others confused.
Picture courtesy of themazerunnermovie.com the Official The Maze Runner Movie Site.

The Maze Runner movie is an action packed , suspense creating movie that left some fans wanting more and others confused. Picture courtesy of themazerunnermovie.com the Official The Maze Runner Movie Site.

The new The Maze Runner movie is very suspenseful. Unfortunately, many of the viewers, especially those that haven’t read the book, are left hanging in suspense without any clear resolution.

The Maze Runner is a movie based on the 2009 young-adult post-apocalyptic novel by James Dashner. Some star actors that debuted in the movie include Dylan O’Brien from Teen Wolf, Kaya Scodelario from Skins UK and Will Poulter from We’re the Millers.

*Major Spoilers Below*

From the start, The Maze Runner movie causes the viewer to be engulfed in suspense. In fact, the opening scene is a young teen gasping for air in a moving elevator. This is Thomas, a new arrival to the Glade, a boxed-in space surrounded by a maze which is the only way out of the Glade. The audience learns that every month, a new recruit is brought to the Glade so the Gladers have more people to help out and receive supplies.

Thomas does not know why he’s there or how he’s gotten there; his memory is completely erased. Before he knew it, he was running into the maze to help  Minho and Alby because they were about to be trapped the maze and no one ever survives a night in the maze. Thomas and Minho strap Alby to a wall, but Minho ends up running off because a Griever comes out and tries to kill them. Thomas finishes strapping Alby to the wall and evades the Grever’s wrath. For the rest of the night, he is constantly turning corners and trying to lose the Grever that is chasing him. Later, Minho finds Thomas and they work together to get the Grever off their trail.  Thomas lures the Grever into the area and ends up being the first to ever kill a Grever and survive a night in the maze.

After they return, they place Alby into the infirmary and hear the box coming up. This recruit is always a guy until the very last one, a girl named Teresa who brings two bottles of antidote and bears a note saying, “She’s the last one ever.” This motivates the Gladers to find a way out through the maze. They inject the antidote into Alby and find that it works and Alby’s health starts to get better. That night the maze doors do not close and everyone is freaking out, then Grevers start to enter the Glade. The Gladers start to try and hide, but many of them are taken and killed. After they leave, everything starts getting blamed on Thomas, so he finds the poison of one of the Grevers and injects himself and goes through the changing. The changing causes him to remember that he was the one who put the Gladers there and that he had been the one watching them this whole time.

Newt ends up saying it doesn’t matter, and the only thing that mattered is getting out of the maze. They hatch a plan to confront the new leader. After being used as bait for the Grevers, they escape and convince the other Gladers to come along. When they leave the Glade, they go to sector 7 where the door to escape is located and they use the code to open the door while the others fight off the attacking Grevers. When they get the door open, they go in and find a video recording for them to watch.  The video explains that they were trapped in the Glade and the reason they were placed in the Glade was because a plague ravage the earth and they were supposed to be immune to the epidemic. Shortly after, the remaining Gladers get rescued by a group of masked gun people and are declared safe, but little do they know, phase two is about to begin.

The Maze Runner movie is packed full of action and suspense, but for someone who is easily scared, the long build up can seem simply too drawn out. The ending was unexpected and really threw the viewer for a loop, unless they read the book, in which they knew what was happening.  Of those who have read the book and watched the movie, some favored the book over the latter.  The second book is already confirmed to be made into a movie. It’s called The Scorch Trials, and it is set to be released in September of 2015.

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