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The student news site of Carlisle High School


The student news site of Carlisle High School


PLANNING FOR A TURN-AROUND: Students that have struggled with this years expectations and remote learning now have the chance to recover missing credits from 1st and 2nd marking period. Students that failed either of those marking periods should reach out to their teachers to learn more about these tasks.

Overcoming obstacles: New grading policy and credit recovery plans give students a second chance

Hannah Stoner, Editor-in-Chief March 26, 2021

Paying attention to grades is something most students should be doing as we approach the end of the school year. The chaos of this school year and the constant transitions between tiers, however, may have...

PowerSchool sends popup notifications to students phones, as well as the app showing live updates of grades.

PowerSchool app: the tool that never was (Editorial)

Carter Smith, Staff Writer March 20, 2019

In the Carlisle Area School District, students and parents are able to monitor grades through a program called PowerSchool. Earlier this decade, the company released a mobile app so that users could...

Participation grades may seem like an easy way to give students point. However, for many students, this hurts them more than it helps.

Participation grades: punishment for introverts? (Editorial)

Heidi Heinlein, Perspectives Editor May 29, 2018

The point of participation grades is to give students credit for actively working in class, but it is often measured in how many times you answer questions aloud. It would seem then that sharing your...

Continuing New Years Resolutions by this point in the year can be difficult, but with persistence, you can reap many benefits.

Keeping up with Resolutions (Editorial)

Kenny Brenizer, Perspectives Editor March 30, 2016

Remember those resolutions you made three months ago and probably forget about? It’s not too late to get started on those. There are still ways to complete those before next year. A common resolution...

Just because youve gotten As in the past doesnt mean youre safe from the X grade.

Fight to the finish: understanding the X grade

Allisya Mullins, Student life writer, Photographer March 17, 2016

We've all heard the phrase, "X marks the spot."  But if one shows up on your transcript, your situation is anything but golden. At CHS, students need 4 quality points (D = 1, C = 2, B = 3, A = 4) to...

Tempted to Cheat (Editorial)

Tempted to Cheat (Editorial)

Kenny Brenizer, Perspectives Editor December 10, 2015

Teachers often start the year by telling students that cheating only hurts them, but there is a reason that students are copying other’s answers. School is supposed to be a place for students to learn,...

Dont give yourself a headache--just do it before break!

The struggle of keeping up your grades before the break

Amanda Corrao, Perspectives writer December 8, 2014

The second marking period always seems the worst for students to keep their grades up because of Thanksgiving and Christmas break. Lots of students have different strategies to use in order to keep their...

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