Keeping up with Resolutions (Editorial)


Hannah Westbrook

Continuing New Year’s Resolutions by this point in the year can be difficult, but with persistence, you can reap many benefits.

Remember those resolutions you made three months ago and probably forget about? It’s not too late to get started on those. There are still ways to complete those before next year.

A common resolution among students is to get better grades for the last half of the year. The last marking period just began, but grades should still continue strong all the way to the end. Finals are coming up, and those take up a significant chunk of your final grade for this marking period.

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Even though many students at least study for tests, there are still those that decide to just skip that and hope for the best. If this applies to you, breaking the cycle for finals could drastically improve your grade.

Eating healthier or losing weight is another common goal. A simple way to eat healthier is to just know what fruits are in season each month. Strawberries and mangos go into season in April. Other spring fruits include pineapple, apricots, and oranges. Keeping up with what’s in season each month is an easy trick to eating healthier, as well as enjoying some delicious fruit at the same time.

When it comes to losing weight or exercising more, summer is coming up soon and will create opportunities to achieve this goal. The weather will be better for going outside and jogging or swimming. There’s also no school which gives more time to exercise without being tired from school every day.

One the best or most life improving goal is to just be less stressed. There are ways to achieve this even if it’s not your original resolution. It can improve every aspect of your life and make you overall a happier person.

Often times, goals are pushed back with a promise of doing them later. Getting them done now though gets them out of the way before even the halfway point of the year, so you don’t have to think about them again until next December.

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