The real “Mr. FBI man”: trendy joke or threat to privacy?


There is a variety of ways students cover their camera. Sticky notes and tape is a popular and easy option.


As modern technology advances, the meme culture expands. Each month a new meme appears to express a new funny topic or even a serious national debate. As the month of February came to an end, a new meme appeared – Mr. FBI man. Twitter user @Awab recently created a tweet that went viral:


(Source: Twitter @Awab)


The Mr. FBI man meme jokes about how a person who works for the FBI is watching people through the camera lens on all of today’s technology. Many people make sarcastic jokes about how they react to this idea.

While many have a laugh at the trendy joke, others, including CHS students, are worried that this idea of someone watching them through their device’s camera is a possible threat to them.

“[I cover up my camera] because in 9th grade, there was a girl who was from a different school district who told me that they had a scandal at their school where people were hacking into the cameras and could see through them,” said senior Julia Barone, who uses stickers to covers her webcam on her school laptop.

“It really freaked me out so I cover the camera now,” added Barone.

Many students have taken measures to cover their cameras by using sticky notes, duct tape, stickers, and even a product called a security webcam cover designed to cover up the camera. Students have taken these precautions with their computers but some go to the extent of even covering their other devices like their cellphones.

According to, many high-profile people like former F.B.I. Director James Comey even cover their webcam.

During a conference at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, Comey said, “You do that so that people who do not have authority don’t look at you.”

While the popular meme pokes fun about how an F.B.I. agent has access through the camera, students are concerned that anyone could be watching them. The idea that a stranger can easily hack into a device’s webcam is a real fear for some students.

“I don’t want anyone creeping on me. It’s a threat to privacy,” said Barone.

Though some students are taking these security precautions seriously, others are more skeptical of the threat.

“Unless you did something wrong, then I don’t think the government or anyone has any reason to be watching you,” said freshman Paige Albright.

Overall, the meme of the Mr. FBI man is bringing up many new points of views of what is happening behind a computer’s webcam. Whatever is the truth behind the lens, everyone gets a new meme to enjoy.