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The student news site of Carlisle High School


The student news site of Carlisle High School


Makeup has taken over many of our lives. In this article, Reese Daugherty and Josetta Checkett describe their experience going one day without makeup.

Two-faced: What happened when we didn’t wear makeup for a day (Editorial)

Reese Daugherty and Josetta Checkett May 24, 2018

From a young age, women are conditioned to care about their appearance above all other things. Too many makeup tutorials and tips are drummed into our brains to keep track of, and as trends evolve it...

Moisturizer, tweezers, mascara, bobby pins and concealer are the perfect beauty essentials for your everyday look.

Beauty Essentials: Seven must-have items

Bri Hendriksen, Fashion editor March 12, 2014

Have you ever wondered how you could enhance your look in a few simple ways? Whether or not you wear makeup or prefer to keep it simple, these seven beauty items are a must have for almost any occasion. Beauty...

Fashion blogs that show off popular fashions can be found all over Tumblr.

Apps such as Tumblr and Pinterest spark fashion interest

Bri Hendriksen, Fashion editor January 7, 2014

Men and women are constantly looking for ways to change up their style. With apps such as Tumblr and Pinterest, new fashion ideas are available with a swipe of a finger. Pinterest and Tumblr are both...

With the right combo and technique, these tools can make you look fabulous without looking fake.

Face-off: No limit on makeup amount (Editorial)

SarahBeth Davis, Perspectives writer November 2, 2013

Everyone has heard the term cake-faced, a word used to describe what is thought to be too much makeup, and everyone has seen also seen someone they think fits that description. But in reality, there is...

Who needs all this?

Face-off: Drop that mascara! (Editorial)

Amanda Corrao, Perspectives writer November 2, 2013

Why wear so much makeup and disguise yourself when there’s such thing as natural beauty?  Think about the women way back when they didn’t have makeup.  A little eye liner to feel pretty or a touch...

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