Beauty Essentials: Seven must-have items

Moisturizer, tweezers, mascara, bobby pins and concealer are the perfect beauty essentials for your everyday look.

Bri Hendriksen

Moisturizer, tweezers, mascara, bobby pins and concealer are the perfect beauty essentials for your everyday look.

Have you ever wondered how you could enhance your look in a few simple ways?

Whether or not you wear makeup or prefer to keep it simple, these seven beauty items are a must have for almost any occasion.

Beauty Essential #1: Tweezers

This small tool is extremely useful for whenever you want to touch up or shape your eyebrows, unwanted facial hair and splinters. This essential item is convenient if you do not have the time or the money and is small enough to fit in your pocket or wallet. You can purchase a tweezers with cute designs for about $2 at Forever21 or Claire’s or other stores that sell beauty products.

Beauty Essential #2: Mascara

This essential is the perfect item for when you are running late. Mascara is usually used to help one look more awake. The “eyelash paint” helps make your eyelashes stand out and look longer, creating a more dramatic look. Brands such as Cover Girl, Maybelline and L’Oreal can be found wherever makeup is sold in a variety of different compositions including lengthening, the false lash look, no clump and bold.

Beauty Essential #3: Bobby Pins

Bobby pins are a must-have item because they help tame and pin back unruly hair. You can also use them to create a cute braid, half up and half down look, or a cute pinned-back hairstyle. However, they are hard to keep track of so buying them in bulk is a very good idea.

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Beauty Essential #4: Perfume

No one wants to go through their day worried about whether or not they smell good. Perfume is the one item that can go a long way. Giving yourself a quick spray of your favorite perfume, can leaving you feeling refreshed and ready for a great day. You can stop by Bath & Body Works or Victoria’s Secret to grab this season’s signature scent.

Beauty Essential #5: Concealer or Foundation:

This beauty essential is the perfect tool to cover up any of your dark circles caused by sleepless nights.  Concealer can also help cover up those pesky blemishes and even out your skin tone.

Sophomore Kierra Coutts said, “I have to have concealer or foundation, anything to cover up big pimples or [my] uneven skin tone. I can’t leave the house without it on.”

Brands like Cover Girl, Revlon and Neutrogena are great for any skin tone.

Beauty Essential #6: Makeup Wipes

Sleeping with your makeup on, can lead to wrinkles and other skin problems later in life. With the use of makeup wipes, you can try to prevent these issues from occurring. Makeup wipes are affordable, convenient and are a simple way to clean off your makeup and refresh your face in the morning or night time.

Michaela McQuaig, a junior, said, “I really like makeup wipes because they are simple.”

Beauty Essential #7: A Smile

Who said your beauty essentials had to involve makeup? Your smile is something that comes naturally and not to mention it’s free.

Senior Andrea Readshaw said, “Smiling can put you in a better mood and looks good on everyone.”

Your outfit is never complete without a smile and can be contagious, brightening up someone else’s day.

So the next time you are out and about and looking for something to enhance your everyday style, make sure you have these seven beauty essentials.