Face-off: No limit on makeup amount (Editorial)

“Too much” makeup isn’t the problem. It’s how it’s worn that makes the difference.


Clara Cozort

With the right combo and technique, these tools can make you look fabulous without looking fake.

SarahBeth Davis, Perspectives writer

Everyone has heard the term cake-faced, a word used to describe what is thought to be too much makeup, and everyone has seen also seen someone they think fits that description. But in reality, there is no line at “too much’ but rather how well, or poorly, it’s worn.

Some girls go the whole nine yards with foundation, concealer, contour, brow liner, eyeliner, eyeshadow, mascara, lip liner, lipstick, etc. Some prefer simple makeup, or none at all. In a survey by StumbleUpon, 67% of women use 0-3 makeup products, so many prefer a simpler look.  the same survey stated that only 8% wear more than 12 products. Someone can look good in none at all, or in full-fledged makeup. The amount is solely up to the wearer.

The concept of looking down upon someone for how much makeup they wear is unreasonable. It’s a double edged sword, as while it’s frowned upon to wear “too much,” a Daily Mail survey reveals that 73% of men prefer women to wear makeup. So girls and women are simultaneously expected to wear makeup and look good for guys, but not wear too much so that other girl’s don’t look down on them. Looking down upon someone for how much or little makeup they wear is contradictory and sexist.

Makeup can be applied to look good on anyone, so long as it’s done well. With the surplus of online tutorials and resources nowadays, it’s not difficult to look good in any amount of makeup. Matching one’s own skin tone and complexion is crucial, along with finding what frames the face well. It’s all about findingwhat looks the best on each specific person.

There is no limit or line for excessiveness that can be crossed. Experiment with makeup to see what looks good or doesn’t. Wear however much makes you happy. Knowing how to apply makeup is higher than wearing a certain amount. The important thing is  having self-confidence and wearing what’s good for one’s self. Too much makeup isn’t a real thing.

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