Face-off: Drop that mascara! (Editorial)

Girls wear too much makeup. You aren’t a Covergirl, so don’t act like it!


Clara Cozort

Who needs all this?

Amanda Corrao, Perspectives writer

Why wear so much makeup and disguise yourself when there’s such thing as natural beauty?  Think about the women way back when they didn’t have makeup.  A little eye liner to feel pretty or a touch up to those short eye lashes.  But seriously, why wear eye shadow up to your eyebrow?

One day, girls, we’re going to have that man of our dreams.  Let’s not surprise them too much at that first sleepover with the morning breath, and with no makeup, because they’re so used to you covering your face with glitter and raccoon eyes.

Also, girls wearing too much makeup on happen to be late for school sometimes because of it. I believe that making a fool out of yourself isn’t worth being late to school. I don’t know, some girls find it appealing. But boys, they don’t want that in a girl. It’s not attractive in any way.

Nobody likes to cry, but do you girls realize how much of a mess it is to clean up whenever you’re done crying your other problems away?  Plus, whenever you get out of the shower and start a new day, I’m positive that is left over makeup from yesterday, unless you spent a lot of money on a scrubber meant for makeup too.

Whenever some girls come into school, they decide to randomly not wear makeup. I mean, it’s most likely because they were running late that morning or maybe it was a rough night. But to be honest, it just makes your whole appearance different. You just look like a face drawn on an egg because we’re so used to seeing you cover up your natural beauty.

Girls need to understand that appearance isn’t everything. I can understand the clothes and the hair dye, but I will never understand the ones with 100’s of dollars’ worth of makeup sitting on their dresser at home.

Why put your face through so much pain? Give it some breathing time and let it see the sun. People deserve to know the real you, not a mask of makeup.

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