Apps such as Tumblr and Pinterest spark fashion interest


Bri Hendriksen

Fashion blogs that show off popular fashions can be found all over Tumblr.

Bri Hendriksen, Fashion editor

Men and women are constantly looking for ways to change up their style. With apps such as Tumblr and Pinterest, new fashion ideas are available with a swipe of a finger.

Pinterest and Tumblr are both apps that allow you to reblog or “pin” your favorite posts while instantly creating a virtual diary that expresses who you are. While scrolling through the countless blogs and pictures, you can find things that spark your interest and catch your eye.

If you are into fashion and constantly looking for new fashion must- haves or hair and makeup tutorials, these apps are definitely the way to go. No matter what season is playing out outside, when entering the world of Tumblr, Pinterest and fashion blogs, there are plenty of pages full of the hottest fashions for both men and women.

Both apps showcase fashion styles including vintage, bohemian, grunge, athletic, business, glamour, chic, preppy and runway looks. Whether you are looking for a new way to freshen up your closet or you just enjoy browsing different fashion blogs, there is a chance that these apps impact your every style.

Social media plays a major part in the lives of teenagers and adults and over time one may become accustomed to opinions of others in terms of the way they dress, apply their makeup and style their hair.

For girls in particular, when scrolling through both Pinterest and Tumblr there are times when we find ourselves wishing that with a snap of a finger our closets can be filled with all of the clothes that we reblogged that day. As a society, we are constantly following and showcasing fashions that are popular at the moment.

These apps can provide both men and women with upcoming fashions as well as spark an interest in a style one may want to try out. With 2014 just starting and a little help from Tumblr and Pinterest, you can take that leap into the new year with a style you love.