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The student news site of Carlisle High School


The student news site of Carlisle High School


The picture features an oil drill with the world on fire in the background.

Willow Will Pave the Way to Humanity’s Destruction (Editorial)

Lyric Koch, Perspectives editor April 21, 2023

It's 2023 and animals are losing their homes, temperatures are rising abnormally, and the air is being polluted. World leaders have acknowledged that climate change is a dire issue, but the US government...

CARING FOR THE ENVIRONMENT: Owners Burlison and Simko creates products that are great for the environment and your body!

“Glitz” and Good: Newly opened store raises awareness for the environment (Review)

Kaylea Martin, Staff Writer May 13, 2022

Glitz Soap Co. opened its second location in downtown Carlisle on Thurs March 24. Also located in Mechanicsburg, the store is known for its handmade beauty, cosmetic, and personal care products that...

The symbolic representation of the honeybees CHS adopted from the World Wildlife Fund

All the buzz: CHS adopts honeybees

Rylie Workman, Staff Writer May 9, 2022

The honeybees are very important insects and are known as a “keystone species”; they are vital to keeping other living species alive, including humans. What would we do without them? For Wildlife...

COMING TOGETHER: The Green Team has been working all year to find ways to make CHS more eco-friendly, including adding composting bins in the cafeterias and keeping track of air quality through a flag system. However, the group also makes time to have fun, as seen here in their mug shot for the Coffeehouse annual challenge, which they won.

Green Team: Building a structure for sustainability

Rylie Workman, Staff Writer March 31, 2022

The Green Team is a club that hopes to help CHS become more environmentally friendly. They work hard to put helpful items into play, like the composting bins in the cafeteria. The team's goal is to help...

LEVELING THE PLAYING FIELD: Phase I of the Athletic Field Project includes putting in a synthetic turf field in the area of the current football practice field. The field is planned to be built by the 2022 Fall Sports Season. Sensenig said, They [my team] will no longer be affected by huge holes, divots or dirt patches in the grass- or the length of the grass affecting their ability to dribble with speed and control in order to successfully possess the ball.

Surface tension: District approves plan to build synthetic turf field

Hannah Stoner, Editor-in-Chief December 23, 2021

On Thursday, December 9, the Carlisle Area School District held a board meeting in which they voted and approved the first phase of a three-phase athletic field project. This project includes putting in...

A green container in the school is used for recycling.  The members of the CHS community need to learn the materials that can and cannot go into these bins to make recycling effective at CHS.

Changing the culture: Recycling at CHS

Olivia Boyd, News Editor April 11, 2017

Recycling, the act of converting waste into a reusable material. Carlisle High School is no exception in the realm of recycling and moving towards a greener future. The green containers that are displayed...

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