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The student news site of Carlisle High School


HEART-HANDS: Concert goers show boygenius their admiration through a perfectly synced heart-hand gesture. Boygenius at the All Things Go fesival performing Emily Im Sorry off their debut album.

‘The Rest’ of ‘The Record’: Boygenius Releases New EP (Review)

Lyric Koch and Jenna Coller October 24, 2023

On March 31st, 2023, indie girl supergroup “boygenius”, released an emotional, raw, and breathtaking extended play (EP) entitled the record. Not only does this EP showcase the depths of heartbreak,...

PLAYING THROUGH THE YEARS: A fan’s collection of Taylor Swift album CDs, including Taylor Swift, Fearless (Taylor’s Version), Speak Now, 1989, Reputation, Lover, folklore, and evermore, is one of the many ways they show their love for the singer.

Home is where the heart is: finding solace in Taylor Swift’s legacy (Editorial)

Jenna Coller, Editor-in-Chief November 22, 2021

Picture this: you’re 5 years old and your sister brings home Taylor Swift’s newest album Speak Now. You're ecstatic and you run to the cd player in her bedroom, where shortly thereafter “Mine”...

ON CLOUD 9: Taylor Swift is rereleasing her second album Fearless on April 9th.

Swift reliving an era through re-released albums

Kathleen O'Neill March 11, 2021

Taylor Swift has been releasing hits for over 15 years, starting in 2006 with “Tim McGraw.” Signed with Big Machine Records, she was not always given complete creative freedom. Now that she has been...

ONE BIG PLATE: The album cover for Bad Contestant shows Maltese looking very bored as he sits between a fighting older couple.

Blast from the past: Matt Maltese’s 2018 “Bad Contestant” resonates with 2020

Ryleigh Underwood, Editor-in-Chief December 17, 2020

Sometimes an album can take on new meaning years later, especially when one of those years is 2020. 22-year-old South London artist Matt Maltese released ‘Bad Contestant,’ his long-awaited debut...

Meliora Ghost B.C.

“Meliora” – Ghost B.C.

Admir Durakovic, A&E Writer March 20, 2018

This Scandinavian metal band wears masks when they perform. The name of their third album, Meliora, is Latin for "the pursuit of something better." Songs of interest include "Cirice," "From the Pinnacle...

Call of Duty World at War Soundtrack

“Call of Duty: World at War” Soundtrack

Admir Durakovic, A&E Writer March 13, 2018

Call of Duty: World at War was released in November of 2008. The game follows a Marine named Private Miller and a Soviet Union sniper named Dmitri Petrenko. Songs of interest on this soundtrack include...

Madjionicar by Mile Kitic

Madionicar – Mile Kitic

Admir Durakovic, A&E Writer February 20, 2018

This Serbian pop singer started his career in Sarajevo, Bosnia. He released the album Madionicar in 2016. Songs of interest include Sto me nisi manje volela and Kilo dole kilo gore. If you like Bosnian...

This new album by the group Migos is a sequel to their previous album. Many of the songs on this album sound the same.

Migos ‘Culture (II)’ shows potential but falls short of sequel success (Review)

Releigh Norrell, Staff Writer February 16, 2018

The hip-hop group, Migos, recently released Culture (II). This was a sequel to their previous Culture album, but it didn’t live up to the standards left by the first album. The songs, “Auto Pilot”,...

Looking Glass by Looking Glass

“Looking Glass” – Looking Glass

Admir Durakovic, A&E Writer February 13, 2018

In 1972, the rock-pop group Looking Glass released their self-titled album. Songs of interest include "Brandy (You're a Fine Girl)" and "Jenny-Lynne." If you like Maroon 5, Twenty One Pilots, The Beatles,...

Runaround Sue by Dion

“Runaround Sue” – Dion

Admir Durakovic, A&E Writer November 14, 2017

Released on March 1, 1961, this album combined rock, jazz, and pop together. Songs of interest include "Runaround Sue" and "The Wanderer." If you like Buddy Holly or Frank Sinatra, you should listen to...

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