Keeping the fun close: students’ favorite local summer hangouts


Students spend time catching up in a shop in downtown Carlisle. Downtown Carlisle has many unique places to explore over the summer.

While it may seem that summer is only for traveling to far off places to have a good time, this is simply not true. Carlisle has many local places that are great for making summer memories.  

Getting ice cream is a staple in the hot summer time. There are great places right in Carlisle to get ice cream on a summer day.  Massey’s is a popular choice to get ice cream, and it is a favorite of sophomore Elizabeth Whickard.

“The custard is good, and I like to go with my friends,” said Whickard.  

Sophomore Kristina Kaufman enjoys going to get ice cream from the local ice cream places also.

“[Massey’s] has some of the best ice cream,” said Kaufman.   

Ice cream is the perfect way to cool down on a summer day.  Getting ice cream is an easy way to catch up with friends and make memories.

Carlisle is also surrounded by many lakes.  One lake that is particularly popular, especially in the summer, is Laurel Lake.

For junior Matthew Edlin, the lake is his favorite local place to go over the summer.

“Laurel Lake is a unique and pretty place,” said Edlin.  

Outdoor activities can show the beauty that the summer season has. Carlisle offers many other fun outdoor activities, such as going to the drive-ins, walking downtown, and playing a round of mini golf or laser tag at the Sports Emporium.

If traveling to far off places to have fun over the summer doesn’t sound fun or is not in the budget this year, no need to worry. Local to Carlisle are so many places to have fun over the summer, there is something for everyone.