Chaotic crowds: Freshmen class takes over Swartz


Emma Mackereth

Walking from class to class through the Swartz building has been especially challenging so far this school year. While Swartz is home to both 9th and 10th grade, this year's freshmen class has been much larger than in ones years prior.

A new school year can bring students and administrators many new experiences.  One new thing that the whole school is feeling the effect of is this year’s freshmen class being the largest class size at CHS.  

With around 450 students in the freshman class alone, in addition to the sophomore and upperclassmen that pass through the building, Swartz has quickly become a crowded building.  

 With the freshmen class being the largest in the school, the Swartz building is where the effect of the class size is truly felt.  

“My classes are full, and the gym classes are up to 80, even 90 students a class, mixed between freshman and sophomores,” said sophomore Kyah Miller.

My classes are full, and the gym classes are up to 80, even 90 students a class, mixed between freshman and sophomores”

— Kyah Miller.

Having a larger gym class means that there are limitations to some activities, specifically ones that requires the class to split into smaller groups. It also affects the amount of time that the class actually has to participate, due to the extended amount of time that attendance and warm-ups take. 

The larger class also creates problems in the hallways. After every period, the hallways are cramped and leave no room for anyone to pass. 

“The hallways are so crowded, that I can’t even open my locker door the whole way, without getting bumped into,” said sophmore Jaden Hurley.  “It feels like there isn’t enough room in the hallways.”   

The larger class has also affected the way teachers and administration have changed their teaching technique.

 “[It] requires students to take more initiative in the classroom, with a large class like this,” said 9th and 10th-grade physical education teacher Sean Lehman. 

 “In each of our larger classes, there are several student leaders who show their leadership skills by helping us when needed,” added Lehman. “We take a team approach [and] we share responsibilities so our classes can be successful.”

Such a large freshman class brings many challenges to the school, from the number of students in each class to trying to make your way through the crowded hallways. Yet this will not stop the school from still providing students with a space to grow and learn.