Here for the drama: Why theatre is such a beautiful art form (Editorial)


Emma McShea

STAGING FOR SHAKESPEARE: The writer (second from right) and her fellow castmates rehearse for the upcoming performance of Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” This is just one of the shows that has helped the writer’s love for theatre blossom.

Theatre began all the way back in Ancient Greece and has evolved into an art form that people all over the world now love, including me. From Shakespeare’s plays to the booming musicals of Broadway, theatre has something for everyone and it has come to mean a lot to certain people.

Theatre has made me an overall better person and for that, I give it my thanks. ”

Speaking from personal experience, I have found that theatre provides support to those involved across a variety of areas. The second you get cast in a show, it’s almost like you get adopted into a new family filled with people who share the same passion and love for theatre as you do. With most productions, the entire cast and crew form a kinship that lasts beyond the stage. You’re surrounded by people who understand you and the thing that you love. Being part of a cast creates such a safe environment where everyone accepts each other. Theatre has such a wide reach, that even those that aren’t involved in the production can feel included. And that’s the beauty of it. Theatre is truly for everyone.

Another thing I absolutely love about theatre is how freeing it is. I’m happiest whenever I’m doing something that has to do with theatre. You could be having one of the worst days of your life but the second you get up on that stage, it all fades away, providing an escape. And the amazing thing is that I don’t even have to perform or rehearse to feel better. I could simply listen to one of my favorite musicals and I automatically feel better. Theatre gives me an outlet for my creativity and my emotions. It gives me a place to let my emotions out and be creative in a way that I’m not usually able to. There’s such a rewarding factor to bringing entertainment to people. It feels wonderful. 

Performing isn’t the only amazing part of theatre. Simply going to see a show is enough to cause a great emotional impact on the audience. Because theatre spans so many genres and styles, almost anyone can find a show, act, or even song that resonates with them. Productions often have really important messages that tend to stick with people as well. Most of them are meaningful with amazing stories and characters that make the audience see different topics in a new light. It’s so impactful to watch a performer wear their heart on their sleeve to bring entertainment to thousands. So much work goes into making a stunning show and this shines through in every aspect of theatre. It’s one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever experienced.  

Not only does theatre provide escapism, family, and community,  but it also allows individuals to grow personally. Having to perform in front of people I don’t know has given me so much confidence that I hadn’t had before. And just listening to musicals gives me the confidence boost I need for the day. Theatre also has given me skills to improve my work ethic by making me work hard and giving me goals to work towards. It’s given me the ability to adhere to directions and has gifted me leadership skills as well. Theatre has made me an overall better person and for that, I give it my thanks. 

Everything about theatre, from the community surrounding it to the art of it all, gives me a thrill. It’s spectacular how drama can impact so many lives around the world in such a positive and profound way. The beauty of theatre is truly unmatched. 

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