Bison Buck cashes out


Ellie Knapp

Prior to Dec 17, Carlisle High School had a branch of Members 1st, called the Bison Buck. Although this branch will no longer be operational, students will continue to participate in educational programs with the federal credit union.

If you’re looking for a way to withdraw cash from your bank account during the school, you’re going to be disappointed.  

The Members 1st location at CHS, known as the “Bison Buck,” closed its doors for good Monday, December 17.  

The bank franchise, which has been at the high school since 2010, is also leaving other schools around the area.

“While we have closed some in-school branches, we will continue to dedicate resources to provide financial education,” said Rachel Mathias, Financial Education Coordinator at Members 1st.  “We value the partnerships that we have with the schools and are excited about expanding our financial literacy efforts. Through this reallocation of resources, it is our goal that the value of our support of Carlisle High School will be through our financial education programming as opposed to an in-school branch with low volume and limited hours.”  

This CTE program may not be operating inside of Carlisle High School’s doors, but it is not over, as there will still be opportunities for students to participate.

“[The students in the program will] continue to work for Members 1st at one of the branches,” said Albert Parrillo, Director of Careers at CHS.  “Students working through Carlisle Area School District’s Diversified Occupations or Work Force Education Programs at Members 1st will not change. That opportunity will continue to happen every year if we have students who can fill the position.”

The “Bison Buck” was not used very much, and Mathias understands this.  

“The data shows us that the Bison Buck was seldom used and hours were extremely limited,” said Mathias.  

Although clubs and teachers had accounts and could use the franchise, many students don’t have Members 1st accounts or don’t have the time during their lunch to walk to Fowler. Even if students had both, there are not many needs of a student to pay in cash.

“I don’t really have time between classes to go and get money, and I generally carry any cash I need anyhow,” freshman Hannah Alwine said.

The “Bison Buck” may be closed, but Members 1st Federal Credit Union still has many services available for students.

“Our Student Services encompass a wide range of programs including information on financing a college education and our financial education programs,” the Members 1st website reads.  

Even without an in-school location, Members 1st Federal Credit Union will keep up its service to students, through both internships and student savings programs.