Share, submit, inspire: behind the scenes of the Scholastic Art and Writing competition


Mackenzie Miller

A student drafts a piece for the Scholastic Art and Writing competition. Students spend time both in class and outside of class working on pieces for the competition. .

Every year, CHS student writers and artists are given the chance to share, and potentially win prizes for, their work through the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards.

The Scholastic Art and Writing Awards are the nation’s longest-running recognition program for teens in grades 7-12. They allow students to get a chance to expose their art and writing projects to the public eye. Students may receive awards such as Honorable Mention, Silver Key, or Gold Key.

The contest is open to all Carlisle High School students to participate in, but some classes require students to submit pieces of writing.

“The Scholastic Awards offers students an opportunity to write outside of traditional assignments and really develop their voices,” said Sarah Clayville, the Creative Writing and AP Language and Composition teacher at CHS.

Clayville requires students in both of these classes to submit to the competition and gives them time in class to work on their writing. During classwork time, students can generate their ideas for their writing, draft their piece, have a peer review their writing, and have Clayville look over the piece.

Allison Closs, a CHS senior who is taking the Creative Writing course, submitted two entries that she has written in class.

“[My favorite part of the competition is] the satisfaction of submitting a piece I’m proud of,” said Closs.

There are ten categories to which students can submit their writing: Critical Essay, Dramatic Script, Flash Fiction, Humor, Journalism, Novel Writing, Personal Essay & Memoir, Poetry, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Short Story, and the Writing Portfolio category (available to seniors only).

In addition to their writing, students can also submit pieces of art to the Scholastic competition. While most art classes aren’t required to do a piece of artwork to turn in, all art students have the chance to participate in the Scholastic Awards.

“As we see students producing really good quality work and we see that they would well in the Scholastic, we speak to those students and suggest they enter in,” said Ashley Gogoj, Art and Design Program Chair.

Gogoj also said that students are allowed to work on their entries during art classes and get guidance from their art teachers.

All entries were due to the Scholastic Arts and Writing Awards website on December 19. Each entry that is submitted costs $5. All Gold Key winners have the chance to win the National Medal, as well as various scholarships.

“I think it’s important because it gives students an outside opinion, as to an outside evaluation of their work,” said Gogoj. “Also it’s a confidence builder and gives students opportunities.”