25th annual student-directed Shakespeare festival takes the stage


Two students practice their scene for the Shakespeare festival. The actors take the stage on Thurs Dec 1 at 7pm.

On December 1 at 7:00, the Student-Directed Shakespeare festival will be held in the Swartz Auditorium.

Students in 12 different troupes will be performing scenes from 11 different Shakespearean plays. They have been working since the beginning of the school year to perform for friends, family, and the Carlisle community.

Adviser Sue Hench said, “[The] same energy and spirit of adventure” exists today just as it did when the first Shakespeare play performed at Carlisle High School in 1984.

She added that “all different kinds of students found a home in Shakespeare troupe.”

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the student-directed festival.

Victoria Waring, student director, said, “It’s a lot different on stage then it is on paper,” meaning that performing Shakespeare’s plays live is a much different experience then reading them.

There is no entrance cost and everyone is invited. Afterwards, brief refreshments will be served in the Swartz cafeteria for the cast and audience.

These plays were written a long time ago, but despite their age they remain popular and relevant still today.

Student Festival Director Rowan Young said the final senior troupe will be tackling the idea that “the lessons in Shakespeare are applicable today.”

As Hench explained, “Shakespeare has a way of helping all kids find themselves in his place.”