Joker: Preparing instead of preventing (Editorial)

Ayb Graham, Staff writer

With the release of Joker, a controversial movie featuring scenes of violence and harassment, many have taken it upon themselves to point out the type of actions that could come with a bold movie.

Many fear that the movie will encourage violence, with multiple news sites publishing updates warning moviegoers of potential threats to their safety at premieres of the film. Some federal agencies have also published warnings, which have been posted online. 

These threats are not taken lightly, especially with the increase in mass shootings nationwide, and with the 2012 shooting at the Aurora, Colorado premiere of The Dark Night Rising still fresh in the minds of many. The family of the victims of the Aurora shooting even called upon Warner Brothers to take extra precautions regarding the movie. 

Questions regarding the results of focusing on a character like Joker, one who goes on a murderous rampage after being rejected by those around him, have been raised.

Many people claim that Joker would influence new shooters, but some argue that linking Joker to real-life violence is extreme. 

The movie questions how people treat each other, and how general “society” plays into controversial pieces of media. It brings up important questions, such as whether or not the media doing its job by covering these potential actions, and if constant coverage increases the chances of a shooting happening. 

Not only does it question the goals of news publishers, it questions why are we warning people to be vigilant of shooters? 

Instead of singling in on the possibility of a shooting happening, or people doing actions in the name of relating to Joker, we should focus on preventing these actions before they become a tragic reality.

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