Why I Love…80s Movies (podcast episode)

“Why I Love…” is a brand-new podcast series from our CHS Periscope staff, where we sit down with members of the CHS community to talk about their passions. This first episode features a chat between our editor Hannah Stoner and guest Myana Brown about Brown’s love of 80s movies. Check it out and tell us about your favorite 80s movies in the comments below.



Jenna: “Hello all and welcome to the Periscope Podcast where we discuss all things CHS! Sit down and get comfortable as you join us for this episode of “Why I Love…” where we discuss what we’re currently loving.”

Hannah: Hello my name is Hannah Stoner of the CHS Periscope staff and I’m interviewing my good friend sophomore Myana Brown today about 80s movies because I know that this topic is one of her passions that she talks about a lot. Myana, welcome to the show!

Myana: Hi

Hannah: First, let’s talk about you a little. What lead you to watching 80s films? 

Myana: I was just on TikTok one day and an edit from an 80s film came up and I was like, “This is cool” and the movie happened to be Stand By Me. I watched the movie and it looked cool.

Hannah: You mentioned Stand By Me as the movie that got you into the 80s era. Are there any other films that really stood out to you? 

Myana: Well, some of my favorite other films from the 80s are The Goonies and The Karate Kid and Bill and Ted’s [Excellent] Adventure, basically the classics from the 80s. 

Hannah: What is it about 80s movies that make them stand out from the rest for you from the rest of the film industry?

Myana: I think what makes them stand out is the fact that a lot of them are based around kids close to my age, a lot of them are coming-of-age movies, and just the fact that I can relate to it makes them a lot better.

Hannah: How do you think that this era of movies impacted the film industry, as we know movies to be today?

Myana: Well not even just the film industry but Hollywood in general. For example, [the show] Stranger Things is based on the 80s and a lot of the inspiration for that came from the 80s movies such as like The Goonies and 80s films just totally, a couple of years ago the 80s were super popular and it was because of these 80s films that they ended up making new 80s [themed] movies and shows and stuff.  

Hannah: Now I know you mentioned Stranger Things as well and I’ve seen most of Stranger Things. It’s a great show and a lot of 80s actors have appeared in the show like Winona Ryder and Sean Astin from The Goonies. Do you think their acting has progressed or how would you say their acting is now compared to back then in the 80s? 

Myana: They’re still great actors but for example, Sean Astin isn’t in as many movies as he was then and neither is Winona Ryder, so I feel like a lot of 80s actors have kind of fallen off but they’re still good actors for what they do appear in.

Hannah: Now what other actors in this era have you looked up to?

Myana: My favorites have to be River Phoenix and Keanu Reeves. My cat’s named after River Phoenix. They just have really great movies and they’re like inspirational too. 

Hannah: Now, I already mentioned actors but are there any particular directors that you find you’ve watched all of their movies or keep watching their movies over and over again? 

Myana: I’m not a huge fan, I’m not like a fan of any or a lot of directors but I really love Rob Reiner in particular. His movies are really good. Some other movies I like from him are Misery and Flipped

Hannah: So if we do the math, these movies are around 40 years old–what do you think makes them still work in 2022? 

Myana: I think that they still work because of the fact like I said that most of these movies are coming-of-age movies and even though times were different back then, kids still feel like they can relate to it or like even people in general, “I wish my life was like that. I wish  I had fun like the people in those movies.” 

Hannah: So if someone listening wanted to start watching these films, what would you recommend as the best starting spot, the one that you think will hook them on all 80s movies?

Myana: I like a couple of different [options]. If you like coming-of-age movies, definitely Stand By Me. If you like more like comedy, I would say Bill and Ted’s [Excellent] Adventure. If you like more horror-ish movies, maybe The Lost Boys. It’s not that much horror but it’s still a little bit scary. 

Hannah: Is there anything else you’d like to add that I haven’t really asked you about?

Myana: No, I think pretty much everything’s covered. Just like, go watch movies right now, guys!

Hannah: So thanks for joining us today, Myana! For those of you listening, thanks for tuning into our very first episode of “Why I Love…” If you would like to be on a future episode, let us know! You can email us at [email protected] or DM us on Instagram, at @chsperiscope. 

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Movies/shows mentioned in the episode with links to IMDB pages:

Stand By Me

The Goonies

The Karate Kid

Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure

Stranger Things



The Lost Boys


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