Festive foods: Highlighting the sides of Thanksgiving


Hannah Stoner

SIDE LIGHTS: While Thanksgiving dinner may center around the turkey, it’s the side dishes that get people talking? What are your favorite Thanksgiving accompaniments?

Modern Thanksgiving celebrates everything we are thankful for including our homes, our loved ones, and our favorite foods. 

One of the most important traditions of Thanksgiving is the huge feast prepared and shared amongst your family and friends. A similar tradition occurred on the first Thanksgiving when the pilgrims shared foods from their harvest with local natives. 

There are a variety of dishes to be prepared on the holiday, but what dishes tend to outshine the rest? Step aside turkey; we are focusing on the sides, which truly complete the meal. Everyone has to have a favorite side dish that they eat on Thanksgiving. These dishes typically are made specifically for Thanksgiving or aren’t made as frequently throughout the year.

There are definitely a lot of people looking forward to the holiday season as the year has been a tough one. Celebrating with food is always great because there is something on the table for everyone and it can be comforting.

“A warm roll and [with] butter is my favorite,” freshman Emily Leatherman said. “My grandmother handmakes the rolls to perfection every year.”

Leatherman added, “It’s nice to think of in a time like this to have good food in a familiar environment.” 

We asked our Instagram followers what their favorite sides to eat on the holiday were, and Senior Gretal Shank said, “Green bean casserole, it’s my absolute favorite.”

A lot of other responses suggested an average favorite of mashed potatoes and stuffing, some even included pumpkin pie. 

Although pies are generally considered a dessert, on Thanksgiving, they work as a side dish for many families.

“My favorite Thanksgiving food is a pie that my mom makes,” freshman Colby Cox said. “I love it because it is a mix of my two favorite pies in one: apple and pecan!”

A lot of people look forward to pies on Thanksgiving, and there are so many seasonal pies to choose from. Apple, pumpkin, cherry, and pecan pies tend to be the fall favorites, just to name a few. 

This Thanksgiving gives us a chance to reflect on the year and look forward to a bright future. We can learn to appreciate and grow as humans by giving thanks and celebrating. The holiday itself tends to be underrated when compared to larger ones like Christmas, but it is still rather enjoyable as a simpler way of expressing gratitude for the people we love.