Save yourself (and your wallet) from the holidays

Haliey West

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April 8, 2015

Haliey West

Black Friday sales were a hit this year!

Christmas, the time when money you don’t have is spent on the people most important to you. But saving up for Christmas can be difficult. Some people, when they get money, need to spend it right away.

Often we find ourselves buying last minute gifts, spending more money than planned and buying things we don’t really want because what we want is sold out.

Stores are always having large sales around this time of year. It’s just up to you to keep up with them. Local newspapers and the web are both good sources to help you find what you might be in search for.

“Black Friday is a life saver. Not only do we get all the good deals, I get to shop all night and morning,” explained freshman Isaac Ashby.

Another way to make sure you have what you need is to always plan ahead. Christmas is the same date every year. So why not start as soon as possible?

Another good idea would be to make it instead of buying a gift.

Senior Regina Oyeson said, “Homemade gifts have a deeper meaning. It lets that person know you took your time on something, rather than rushing out and buying whatever you see first.”

The internet can really help you save time and money as well.

“I think I do more of my holiday shopping online, rather than in store,” said sophomore Bry Morrow. “I always seem to shop clearance and find more there. The sales online are always better than in store too and I get an extra percent off every time.”

Instead of giving gifts, why not give time? Let those who mean something to you know by spending the holidays with them. Small gestures shouldn’t go unrecognized.

Grandparents love pictures. So take a snap of you guys together, maybe write a quote or something special and frame it!

Some helpful tips can be found using this link.

How do you save while celebrating the holidays? Share your ideas in the comments below!