Fashion for hire: the do’s and don’ts of dressing for an interview


Clara Cozort

Science teacher Samantha Moyer shows off her professional attire.

Bri Hendriksen, Fashion editor

Finding an appropriate outfit for an upcoming interview can be a hassle. First impressions are important and professional attire can leave potential employers impressed.

When it comes to having a successful interview, one must start by assembling the perfect outfit. However, many people struggle with choosing an outfit that is appropriate, professional and stylish.

The first thing a potential employer notices is how “put together” a person looks for their interview. Walking into your interview in a skintight, short dress with high heels or baggy pant and a graphic tee shirt are not the best choices in attire when trying to make a positive impression.

Junior Taylor Killinger said that when it comes to interviews,“Dress professionally and sophisticated.”

When getting ready for an interview, one should stay away from low cut tops, short dresses and skirts, extra high heels, graphic tee shirts, and in most cases, jeans. Instead, go for a more business casual look that includes khaki pants, cardigans, polo’s and sweaters.

For guys searching for the perfect outfit for an interview, stick to math teacher Mark Alwine’s advice of wearing “suit jacket, dress shirt, a tie and dress shoes.” This will ensure that any guy looks professional and prepared for the interview.

When it comes to having an interview, outfit choices are not the only important factor.

“Depending on where you are going for the interview, remove all facial piercings,” Alwine stated.

Jewelry, cologne, perfume, and makeup are also major components to the outfit chosen.

“Don’t overdo accessories,” Killinger said.   A simple pair of earrings or a watch can add a simple touch to any outfit without overdoing it.

As for adding a touch of cologne or makeup, one wants to be sure that they wear the appropriate amount. Wearing too much cologne and makeup can be over powering and can make a bad impression.

Sometimes interviews can be overwhelming. Try to go into the interview as cool, calm and collected as possible, in an outfit that is appropriate and comfortable. Leaving a positive impression can reduce the stress levels that an interview leaves and hopefully get anyone the job.