Power plays: Seniors prevail in their last powderpuff game


Courtesy of Student Council

WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS: Carlisle High School’s senior powderpuff team and cheerleaders pose for a photo. The team won both of their games on Tuesday, October 19.

Last year, a lot of traditional events were forced to be put on hold due to COVID-19. Although Carlisle High School still held its annual class wars through its typical spirit days, it just wasn’t the same without the more team-focused activities like powderpuff. Powderpuff returned this year on Tuesday, Oct 19 at 7:00pm in the Ken Millen Stadium.

Powderpuff is a decades-old tradition that got its name from the applicator tool women would use to powder their makeup with. It is a flag football-style game played between the girls of each grade getting students in the spirit for homecoming. The teams are coached by select football players and male students sign up to cheer.

This student council-sponsored event included a matchup between the CHS seniors and sophomores, as well as a game between the juniors and the freshmen. The winners of those games played in the championship. Each game consisted of two twelve-minute halves and a five-minute halftime. 

The juniors played the freshman first with a final score of 36-6, which advanced the juniors to the championship match. 

The junior team dominated the game and scored instantly on a touchdown by Desiree White. Then, the juniors forced a fumble, and with a quick recovery, the juniors scored another touchdown. At half-time, the juniors were up 26-0 and their offense continued to excel throughout the game, especially from the team’s running back and wide receiver, Rhyan Mitchell. 

Mitchell said, “One thing our team did well was staying positive during the incomplete plays or when things didn’t go our way.” 

The freshmen had several plays carried out by Allison Negley. Negley scored the team’s only touchdown on a QB sweep towards the end of the game. 

The second game was a closer battle between the seniors and the sophomores.  

The sophomores scored first on a touchdown run by Kiley Hacker. Another strong offender for the sophomores was Emily Leatherman who had several great carries.

Right after halftime, the seniors scored a touchdown of their own, on a 45-yd run by Emma Ahl to tie the game. Just a few moments before the game’s end, Ahl scored the tie-breaking touchdown that would then advance the seniors to play the juniors. 

In the championship game, the seniors were the ones to come out on top with a final score of 8-0. They scored in the first half on a touchdown by Ahl, and then on a safety that followed. 

Ahl said, “I had scored a touchdown [my] sophomore year but they didn’t count it, so this year felt really great to be able to actually score and win the two games.”

Through powderpuff, many girls get to have fun, rewarding, and highly competitive experiences. Most girls sign up to prove that they can be just as athletically talented as their male peers. 

“I wanted to participate because I enjoy sports and having fun while representing my class,” junior Mollie Best said. “I think it [is] a serious activity. The coaches get very competitive and a lot of bragging rights are on the line.”

After their win against the other classes, the seniors were able to play a select group of teachers at Friday’s pep rally. The teachers won 24-0 with all four touchdowns scored by Mr. Conklin, who also intercepted three passes during the game. 

All competitiveness aside, powderpuff is a chance for students to celebrate sports and tradition. Having these traditions back provides a sense of comfort in the students and makes them feel like part of their lives are back to normal. 

Senior Kayla Belt said, “It feels good to be able to have a good, genuine high school, school-spirit type experience. I liked that we could do something as a group and finally be together again.”