Humans of CHS: Mr. Smith, New Math Teacher

Jessa Warren, Media Editor

Mr. Smith is a new teacher who teaches math in the Swartz building at Carlisle High School.

After attending Penn State University for 3 years, he transferred to Shippensburg University, graduating in May of 2022. He shadowed Mrs. Felknor-Edwards before acquiring his own classroom. Prior to taking this position he worked at Lamberton Middle School as a long term substitute.

Mr. Smith is enjoying having his own classroom, noting that “I can do what I want to help the students learn better. I do exactly what Mrs. Jackson did, I modify learning, I try to take care of my students and their needs as best I can.”

After being asked about what inspired him to be a math teacher he responded with, “I had a few bad math professors, I didn’t feel like I learned much from them, but learned more myself,” he explained.

“I wanted to be a better math teacher for my students,” he concluded. He believes that every student should be taught in the most efficient way possible, without confusion.

He is excited to be teaching here and can’t wait to see his students graduate.