Have a healthy holiday (Editorial)


Colton Gillingham

SAFE GATHERINGS: With the pandemic still raging and the holidays right around the corner, many families are concerned about celebrating the holidays. During this time, it is important to hold gatherings with limited people and keep safety precautions in-mind.

As the holidays quickly approach and we begin to gather with family, it is important to recognize that things will not be the same this year as they have been in the past.

In previous years, one could carelessly wander through stores simply checking off gifts for their family and friends. Currently, we find ourselves approaching a store, just to remember that we forgot our mask in the car. The holidays also consist of many gatherings, which was not an issue prior to the pandemic but have since raised concern among families.

Even though most people are continuing to be impacted by the current pandemic, in-person gatherings are still possible. Both the CDC  and UCHealth recommend that gatherings are held outdoors or in areas with good ventilation to help make sure that there is more airflow.

No matter what, families should still have some form of contact over the holidays because nothing is better than spending time with family, even if it’s through a screen. ”

Gatherings this year should also not be as large as they once were. The Sentinel notes that a larger gathering increases the chances of someone catching the virus. Instead, limit the attendees to simply immediate or close family. Of course, masks and hand sanitizer should be used by all who attend and social distancing should be put into practice. These simple precautions should ensure that an in-person gathering for the holidays remains safe and everyone attending it remains healthy. 

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However, the pandemic has impacted some areas more than others and each family faces a different situation. If one’s family is located in a heavily affected area, or they are out-of-state, a virtual gathering may be the best option. Perhaps virtual gatherings are better than in-person gatherings as they allow families who are not in the same city or state to meet safely, and one can enjoy the holidays in the comfort of their home without a mask.

Virtual gatherings also allow those in the high-risk age group to enjoy the holidays in the safest way possible. It all comes down to a family’s situation and how much the virus has impacted them.

There is no doubt, this year’s holiday celebrations are going to be a lot different than in previous years. Personally, I still see in-person gatherings as a possibility, just with added precautions. My family has never held large gatherings in previous years, so this year we are going to do our best to meet in-person, following the recommendations from the CDC.

However, not every family feels comfortable with that, or their situation does not allow that, so virtual meetings would be the way to go. All in all, each family should evaluate their situation and make the best decision based on that. No matter what, families should still have some form of contact over the holidays because nothing is better than spending time with family, even if it’s through a screen. 

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