Thank you for your service (Editorial)


Heidi Heinlein

The CHS Vietnam Wall of Honor can be seen in the photo above. Forms of protection are essential to our society’s well-being and success and the individuals that serve deserve recognition for doing so.

The news broadcasted on TV and written in newspapers always highlights the bad things in our society. Most recently, there has been controversy over police actions that make people think about all forms of law-enforcement and protection.

As the daughter of a Police Chief and retired Military Police officer, the news around police brutality is hard to hear. I will always see my father as a role model and hero, and I do not want others to stereotype him because of the news.

Based on my personal experience, I have been in stations full of diverse officers in race and gender. No officer I have ever met or spent time with has ever practiced any form of prejudice, even when they were not aware of my presence. Even disagreeing with them, you can understand why it is important to have people in those positions of authority.

A society without laws and regulations may seem like a utopia to most people, but in reality, it would probably resemble the movie Purge.

A society without laws and regulations may seem like a utopia to most people, but in reality, it would probably resemble the movie Purge.

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, an estimated 1,247,321 violent crimes occurred nationwide in 2017. 

Without people to protect from daily crimes such as robberies, drug deals, shootings, etc., the crimes would be more common and have far worse consequences as well as a huge loss in job opportunities.

It is understandable that people get upset over extensive use of force seeing as the young have encouraged a lot of activism and involvement recently. The issues that used to be looked over are now causing a lot of attention. Shootings these past few years, especially 2018, have sparked a movement with walkouts, gun control debates, and continuous outreach.

Those involved in all of the rallies should understand the importance of research now because of facts you might not get the first time around such as why the officer shot or what the victim was doing and threatening.

These misunderstandings happen throughout daily life with many different things. It doesn’t have to be a death by police, but could also be random scandals on the news.

For example, there was a recent dispute between a Catholic student and a Native American. The boy was blamed for instigating the incident and received backlash from the public. Later on, the Native American man came forward, saying he approached the crowd first. A few incidents should not define all law enforcement officers as corrupt and racist.

According to The Law Dictionary, “As individuals misbehave, they disrupt society, and the government must protect itself and the members of society.” 

The officers who are under the spotlight may have tried to do their best for the public but it came across differently. They have a certain protocol for force taken on suspected criminals. Although they may overstep and make mistakes, they could’ve had the right intentions. One important thing to remember is that not every officer thinks and acts the same, especially under stress. 

Being an officer is no easy task. They consistently put themselves in front of danger and then only seem to be chastised in public view. It is not wrong to seek recognition due to the fact that it reinforces the right concepts and ideas.

An article written by Chief Kenneth N. Berkowitz for Police One, a website where officers and leaders can share their experiences and thoughts on their job, said, “Greatness is contagious – as is apathy. If we miss the opportunity to recognize when someone does a good job, we are missing a golden opportunity to reinforce what is important to us and our organization. “

Since Berkowitz is a chief, he has experience with what makes his officers work best, seeing as he is in charge.

Showing praise lets the officers know to continue their work in that way, the correct way, and will lessen the bad incidents in the news.  Encouragement really can work wonders as long as it is positive and truthful. Compliments and thank yous should not be given out of courtesy but out of real appreciation.

All military branches contribute to the nation’s safety as well. Those who serve in the military deserve recognition as well and get it more often than police officers. Both law enforcement and military receive backlash but encouragement is what is needed if something should change.

Matt Richtel, a New York Times writer, said, “To some recent vets — by no stretch all of them — the thanks comes across as shallow, disconnected, a reflexive offering from people who, while meaning well, have no clue what soldiers did over there or what motivated them to go, and who would never have gone themselves nor sent their own sons and daughters.” 

Appreciation isn’t meant to be an instinct. A tone of voice and facial expressions are the real signs of emotion.

The people who serve our country, our cities, our towns, etc. deserve more praise and less judgment. They risk their lives to keep ours safe and should not feel unwanted. Without our officials to keep things regulated, our society would turn into complete chaos. Humanity would continue to suffer losses until we destroy ourselves.

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