Rewrite the stars: Homecoming Spirit Week 2021


Justus Bisconer

SHOW YOUR SPIRIT: On Wednesday. many students participated in Hippie vs. Hunter vs. Hollywood day.

The stars were out at Carlisle High School with the return of Homecoming after a year of limited activities.

On October 23, the Homecoming dance is taking place at the Swartz gym and cafeteria. The theme for this year’s dance theme was “In The Stars” which the Class Councils and Student Council were in charge of planning.

Cheney Thompson, a senior on the student council spoke about the difficulties of planning HOCO spirit week appropriately, 

“It has been difficult planning for homecoming week this year since over 50% of the student body has no clue what a traditional spirit week entails,” Thompson said. “We had to navigate the challenges of trying to encourage participation with a student body who may be hesitant to participate since they don’t know how all-out and huge spirit week is here at CHS.” 

Although all students were invited to attend, there are limitations and changes.

A change from previous years is that outside students are not allowed to purchase or get tickets purchased on their behalf and no outside guests were allowed to attend the dance, due to COVID restrictions that limited only 600 CHS students being permitted to attend the Homecoming dance due to Covid precautions.

Freshman Luella Sikorski said,  “I think it’s sad that only 600 students [could] go, especially since I’m a War College kid; this is the only dance I can go to.” 

 Along with the student limit, masks were also required at the dance as a safety precaution.

“I am happy they are respecting COVID regulations,” said freshman Victoria Gardener. 

Since only half the student body was allowed to attend, seniors and juniors were given the opportunity to buy the $15 tickets to the dance first. On October 13 in the McGowan Cafeteria, tickets were sold to seniors and juniors only. And on October 14, sophomores and freshmen were able to purchase tickets in the Swartz Cafeteria, during lunch. 

“I was mad how quickly they ran out,” said Gardener. 

Homecoming Spirit Week was October 18-21, and each day was a different theme:

  • Monday: Hot Mess Monday
  • Tuesday: Frat Boy Tuesday
  • Wednesday: Hippies vs. Hunters vs. Hollywood
  • Thursday: Anything but a Backpack
  • Friday: Class Colors

This year’s spirit week and homecoming were very eventful. Events took place such as the powder puff football game on Oct 19, where the seniors won and the dodgeball tournament on Oct 20 with the Trap Stars taking home a win. Wingin’ It! had their first comedy show of the year on Oct 21, and the pep rally during Bison Block on Oct 22. 

 At 7:00 on Oct. 22, the homecoming football game kicked off when CHS played against Altoona. The game took place at Ken Miller Stadium. At the football game’s halftime, the queen was announced: senior Liv Grippin. The court this year included Scarlet Brown, Aynslie Crozier, Grippin, Livi Myers, Sydney Kent, and Lydia Ring. 

Senior class president Mykaela Okampo wrapped up the activity-packed week by saying, “[Homecoming Spirit Week] was definitely stressful and we all worked long hours, but all in all, it was a great success.”