Phone free: CHS introduces a revised cell phone policy for students


Taylor Hurt

The familiar sight of a cell phone sitting on a desk is one for the past. CHS has instituted a new policy that expects students to put their phones away during instructional time.

It can be hard for students to put their cell phones down, yet Carlisle High School is focusing on getting students to be more engaged with their academic classes.  

A new cell phone policy was implemented at Carlisle High School before the start of the 2019-2020 school year.

“When on school grounds, students are allowed to use their own electronic devices as permitted by teachers in classrooms and study halls.  These devices are intended to enhance classroom instruction,” according to the CHS Student Handbook. “Students must adhere to the Administrative Acceptable Use Agreement at all times. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary consequences to include loss of privileges, detention, and depending on the severity of the violation, possible suspension.”

The policy was created after parents and administration voiced concerns about their children/students.  Many parents have felt that their child has been abusing the use of cell phones at school. 

Phones can make students lose sight of doing schoolwork: students may get their phone out to use a calculator on their phone or check their grades, but then get distracted from actually getting their work done.  

Students are allowed to use their own electronics, as long as it is allowed by the teacher of the specific classroom.  While some teachers do allow students to use their phones in class, not every one of them does. Students who get their phones out in a class where they are not allowed risk getting a referral.

CHS principal Michael Black said that the new cell phone policy will encourage students to give their teachers their undivided attention. 

“There is no reason to do a Snapchat, there’s no reason to text, there’s no reason to do any of that during class,” said Black. “What we’re asking is [that] during an academic class, you keep your cell phone away, and you follow the instructions of the teacher.  If the teacher needs you to use your cell phone to scan into a QR code, to do a poll, whatever it may be, go ahead and do those things.” 

Many parents of CHS students are happy with the policy and believe it addresses the problem.

“I agree with the cell phone policy, especially with the teacher’s choice of allowing in the classroom,” said Anna Biondo, a parent of a student at Carlisle High School.

CHS students have mixed feelings about the new cell phone policy, and many are conflicted as to whether or not they believe the rule is too strict.

“I think the cell phone policy is a little strict sometimes […] but it makes sense so we get our work done,” said senior Shane Golden. “I think there should be a little more leniency because we are young adults.” 

As this policy is still being formally developed, the school administration is currently evaluating the effectiveness of this new policy in order to refine it as necessary.