From sea to shining sea: 2019 homecoming returns to Swartz gym and cafeteria


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The 2018 homecoming dance was held in the Swartz gym and cafeteria due to renovations still being done in McGowan gym thus allowing for two dance floors. The 2019 homecoming dance will also be held in the Swartz gym and cafeteria due to last year's dance success.

CHS students will be making a splash at this year’s homecoming dance.  

The theme of 2019 dance will be “Under the Sea” and have ocean-related decorations all around, making students feel as though they are deep-sea diving.

The theme for this year’s dance was chosen by members of the Senior Class Council, with help from senior class council adviser David Bigelow.  

“The Senior Class Council of 21 seniors brainstormed and voted on our Homecoming theme during our overnight retreat before the school year started,” Bigelow said.

The night before the dance will be the last home football game of the 2019 season.  The game will begin at 7, with a white-out theme. The dance will be held Oct. 19 from 7-10 p.m. in the Swartz gym and cafeteria.  

The gym/cafeteria setup was the location of last year’s homecoming as well, due to the McGowan gym not yet being complete; however, for this year’s dance, the councils have chosen to keep this location due to the success of last years dance.  

We received a lot of praise from students for the presence of two dance floors.  Additionally, because the McGowan Gym is so new, we would have to put tarps down to cover the floor, and that doesn’t sound like the best surface for a dance.” said Bigelow.  

 Students had mixed reactions after hearing that the dance will be held in the Swartz gym and cafeteria instead of the traditional McGowan Gym. 

“I liked the set up of homecoming last year,” said senior Rhiannon Witherow.  “It didn’t feel as cramped; also I liked how they had two different types of music.” 

By having the two dance floors it allowed for the dance to feel less crowded.  However, with people in two different locations, it lost the sense of unity brought by having the whole school on one dance floor. 

While the location and theme of the dance are the two big things that everyone sees the councils have been working hard on preparing decorations to fit this year’s theme of under the sea.  

Olivia Myers, a member of the Sophomore Class Council, describes what they’re doing in order to help prepare for the dance. 

“For decorations for homecoming we are planning the backdrops that are to line the back hallways by the wrestling room,”  said Myers. “Even though the wall space is not as immense as the responsibilities of the seniors, it still takes a lot of coordination and planning.”

Everyone who helps in any way with the planning of the dance all aims for the same goal: to make it the best one yet. 

“This year, like many others, we try to make it better than the year before,” Myers said.  “We try every year to make the decorations realistic and perfect photo ops but still affordable.”  

Tickets for the dance went on sale Oct. 7 for $10; they are available in both cafeterias during lunch periods.